Why Happiness is a Gamble

The phrase might seem a little strange because most people don’t spend much time thinking about whether they are happy or not.  If you ask the average person if they are happy, they may not even know how to respond because they haven’t given it any thought. Instead you might get a generic “yeah I’m good” and move on.  I find in my personal interactions that today it seems like most people are satisfied with being somewhat happy or being plain miserable.

To them the devil they know is better than the devil they don’t, and things could always be worse right?  So, if you have learned to deal with your situation many people are apprehensive to shake things up.  That mindset is UnAmerican, because America was built on the entrepreneurial spirit by people that left the country they knew and took the ultimate gamble. That is partly why so many immigrants are entrepreneurs, because if you can leave the only country you have ever known then starting a business is nothing.

However, you don’t have to be a business owner to live that entrepreneurial spirit, or to truly care about your own happiness.  I happen to be a business owner and investor, but I am also a family man that loves to travel, let loose and focus on continually expanding my knowledge.  I am also known for providing tough love to my friends and family.  When people want to hear the truth, they come talk to me, when you don’t want the truth I’m not your guy.  Lol.  After many of these interactions I came to the realization that I had something to offer people.

Everyone is different and what makes them happy is different but when you don’t know what to think about or where to start, how can you even evaluate your own happiness.  So, for that reason I sat down to break down the parts of my life that make up my happiness so that I could better express it. With that said, here are the categories I focus on in maximizing my happiness.


As a business owner and investor, this is especially important to me but for some may not be as big of a part of their happiness. For some this section can be re-labeled career or career goals or something more personal.  Whomever you are though, there will be something in this section that you can relate to.  After-all, we spend a good portion of our lives working on our careers, so with that in mind why would you not put time into your career happiness?

Family Balance:

As someone that never saw himself getting married or having a family, this has quickly become a vital section for me in an unexpected way. It wasn’t until I met the ONE that my view of family changed and is about to change again for the 3rd time with our daughter on the way.  However, as much as I love my family you will see that I have not given up on life or career after having kids.

For me it is about balance with business, my other passions hobbies and how I choose to wind down. Family time in my opinion is more about quality of time than simply quantity. Therefore, I have focused on the happiness I enjoy and hopefully bring to my family during that quality time.


In my opinion, too many people tend to lose themselves in either their work or their family situation. They turn around in 3 years or 5 or 10 or more and have give up everything and feel broken. It doesn’t have to be that way, but you must make a choice to care about your sanity. Keeping your head about you will also carry over to the other facets of your life and improves your overall happiness. Well at least it does for me!

Ok, hopefully you better understand the purpose of this blog now, but if not come along for the ride anyway. 😊 We have a comments section, so I would love to hear from you or feel free to email or reach out via social media. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Tough Love Daily Motivation

You might be asking why I felt that tough love was needed in the first place or why I am a person to give out that tough love. Well to answer the first part, I see too many people asking others for advice and simply receiving the reinforcing answer they wanted to begin with. If you can’t say or hear the difficult thing then you’re not getting real value out of a relationship or friendship.

As to why I am the one to give out tough love, well I don’t know why it should be me. What I do know is that in real life people come to me when they want to hear the truth rather than to simply have their thoughts confirmed. For some reason people seek my advice and though I don’t know why, I figured that other people might find value as well.

So, each day on our social media and through this feed you will see my daily tough love motivation. If you find yourself looking at a post and thinking, man it’s like he was reading my mind then I’m accomplishing my goal. FYI: All of the words are my words (unless I stole them from someone else.) However, all of the pictures are ones that I took so they are experiences I actually had.