Best Kids Luggage in 2020

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Planning to go on a family vacation in the near future? Then you must know why your kids need their own luggage. It doesn’t matter whether they’re a toddler or about to enter into their teens, the volume of their personal stuff merits them having a wheelie for their personal stuff.

Before you accuse us of favoring your kids, let us remind you why it’s you, and not them, that will benefit more from this decision. Once the children have a bag which they could fill with all their toys and stuff, they’d develop a sense of responsibility, while also freeing up space in your carry.

Best Kids Luggage – Comparison Table


Skip Hop Kids Suitcase Luggage With Wheels
  • Weight: 2.16 pounds
  • Highlight: Phthalate-free, BPA-free
  • Price: $$
Check Price

American Tourister Kids Softside 18″ Upright
  • Length: 3.86 pounds
  • Highlight: Polyester lining, Cross Straps
  • Price: $$
Check Price

Goplus 2Pc Kid Luggage
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Highlight: Waterproof and Easy-to-clean
  • Price: $$
Check Price

Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase and Carry-On Luggage
  • Weight: 3.57 pounds
  • Highlight: Multifunctional Strap
  • Price: $$
Check Price

Stephen Joseph Rolling Luggage
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Highlight: Extendable handles and zipper pockets
  • Price: $$
Check Price

Yodo Zoo 3-Way Kids Rolling Luggage
  • Weight: 1.21 KG
  • Highlight: Spacious Compartment
  • Price: $$
Check Price

American Tourister Disney Kids Hardside Upright Luggage
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • Highlight: Side-Mounted Skate Wheels
  • Price: $$
Check Price

Disney Pixar Cars Rolling Lightning McQueen Suitcase
  • Weight: 2.1 pounds
  • Highlight: Double zippered main compartment
  • Price: $$
Check Price

MiniMAX Childrens Trolley Cabin Suitcase/Backpack
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Highlight: Versatile Design, Toy Pouch
  • Price: $$
Check Price

PUQU Monster Truck Design Toddlers Travel Suitcase With Wheels
  • Weight: 2.6 KG
  • Highlight: Spacious Compartment, Durable Strap
  • Price: $$
Check Price

Read on to know more about the best kids luggage in 2020.

Scour the internet for the best luggage for your child, and you’d be astonished at the variety of the products available. Inevitably, you’d be faced with a set of questions whose answer will steer you towards one product or the other.

Questions to Ask

Here are some questions you’ll ask yourself when finding the best luggage for kids:

Hardshell or Softshell?


Hardshell carry bags have a rugged structure that protects fragile items from any damage. They also provide better protection against inordinate weather and can handle more abuse. So you might want to choose them if you air travel frequently.

On the flip side, while they can handle more abuse, hardshell bags won’t make any attempt at hiding the scratches. The resulting lines on their exterior would mar their appearance. Also, since they aren’t made of flexible material, there’s a limit to how many clothes, snacks and other accessories they can store.

Pros: Protect fragile items; better resist abuse; keep moisture at bay.

Cons: Prone to scratches; not the most lightweight


One of the major reasons why some parents prefer softshell bags is because of the extra pockets and storage compartments that their flexibility allows them to offer. That makes it easier for your kid to store their food and snacks in separate compartments.

However, while they’re lightweight than hardshell compartments, that would no longer be the case if you stuff them beyond capacity. That, in turn, would make them difficult to carry. And if you’re planning to jet to your vacation destination, make sure your airline allows soft luggage, as most don’t.

Pros: Extremely flexible; loads of storage compartment and patches; lightweight.

Cons: Susceptible to overstuffing; not the best for air travel.

Backpack or Suitcase?


Backpacks are a must-have if your vacation is going to involve a lot of walking in the countryside. The absence of any paved roads means that carry-on suitcases won’t be any good in these areas. Also, since they have straps to divide the weight, backpacks won’t be difficult to carry.

Unfortunately, not everything is hunky-dory about backpacks. Unlike carry-on suitcases which allow you to pack as many items as you may want – since you just have to push them along, backpacks can overburden your child and might also result in back pains.

Pros: Easier to carry; a good option for smaller trips; only for lightweight accessoriesCons: Not for extended vacations.

Kids Suit cases

Provided you’re planning to go on an extended family vacation – or your kids have their plans to pack their entire room in their bag – carry-on suitcases will suit them just fine. The fact that they’d have tires to roll over would make children suitcases easy to carry with minimal effort.

Kids Suitcases might not be the best choice for a kids’ luggage if the surface you’ll be eventually rolling it on isn’t going to be smooth. Also, we have seen some products whose skate wheels just jam, causing the carry-on suitcase to tip over. Pay proper attention to wheels and that the suitcase can standalone unassisted.

Pros: Great for extended vacations; can carry as much stuff as you wantCons: Wheels might break down due to rough use

Must-have Features

Following are some of the features on which you shouldn’t compromise:

Strong zippers: People who often travel know that zippers are one of the weakest points of their entire luggage. There’s nothing frustrating than to try and fix a zipper when the airport flight announcer is inviting people for boarding. So make sure the luggage has a strong zipper.

Durable construction: Whether you choose a hardshell or softshell luggage, make sure that it’s durable. The best way to ensure that is checking the products warranty period, as products that are insured for longer periods tend to withstand more abuse.

Multiple storage compartments: Are all your kids’ toys the same size? Of course, they aren’t, which is why you should get them luggage with multiple storage compartments. That would allow your kids to easily store all their snacks, accessories, games, sports goods, toys and other packing materials for the trip.

Front pocket: Unless you are planning to spend the entire vacation reading books to your toddler (which is the best way to spend a journey), getting themselves a carry-on suitcase with a front patch would allow them to have their own books for company.

Top grab handle: Whether you’re going to choose a lightweight suitcase or a backpack, never settle for a product that doesn’t include a top grab handle in its design. It makes the entire structure easy to lift and pull in case the shoulder straps or wheels give way.

Telescopic handle (optional): If you plan on buying a carry-on suitcase, a telescopic handle is a must-have feature. It will allow the child to adjust the height of the luggage as per their needs.

Multi-directional wheels (optional): Suitcases with multi-directional wheels are a cinch to navigate through crowded spaces. Your kids won’t have to apply too much effort in maneuvering them through tight spaces.

Best Luggage for Kids in 2020

1. Skip Hop Kids Suitcase Luggage With Wheels

The Skip Hop Kids luggage is one of those products which aim to attract the kids with their cute design. Also, apart from its beautiful aesthetics, this luggage has the storage options as well as ultra-portability that make it a practical option for your kids.


First things first, this product won’t leave your kid beseeching you to make space for their clothing in your luggage. It has a front patch which is large enough to hold documents and has mesh pockets on both sides that could easily store all the sports goods of your cute little one.

Apart from its kid-friendly design, another thing which would convey to your child that this luggage set was made for them is its little size. They might also appreciate the fact that the unit features a write-on name tag, using which they can make it their own.

Its sturdiness is such that you can count on it to withstand abuse. The poly-canvas fabric used in its construction is heavy-duty and free of any seams. You can stuff it above capacity, and there still won’t be any danger of it ripping at the corners.

Lastly, it is equipped with a retractable 13-inch handle that makes carrying this unit a cinch. Its multi-directional wheels play an equally important part in making this unit ultra-portable. However, if there ever comes a time when your child gets tired of using it, you can use its removable strap to carry it yourself.

Has a front-access pocket

Side mesh pocket

13-inch retractable handle

Removable strap for parents


Slightly older kids might take exception with its relatively small size

2. American Tourister Kids Softside 18″ Upright

Since American Tourister is a brand famous for its adult luggage, you won’t need any convincing to believe that its kids’ luggage will be durable and long-lasting. In fact, had it not been for its slightly above-average price tag, we see no reason why anyone would ignore this unit.


One glance at its front-face will make it clear that this upright bag aims to target the girl child. The mosaics of princesses on its front pocket means that not many boys will like to receive it as a gift. Though its availability in other colors means that even boys can take advantage of the features of this luggage set.

And what are those features? The most noteworthy among them, as far as the sturdiness of this product is concerned, is its polyester-lining. You might have heard horror stories from your fellow colleagues about how the big they gifted to their toddlers ended up fraying at the seams.

Its heavy-duty polyester-lining would save you from such fate. Similar is the case with its zippered closure which is tightened at both ends to ensure longevity. Also, since the luggage has a standard 18 inches size, it meets the size recommendation of those airlines, earning brownie points from air-travel-lovers.

Apart from its external zippered area, which is big enough to store large clothing, there’s an internal pocket to compartmentalize your storage items. The interior also contains cross straps with which you can secure the breakables. Its easy-pull handle and inline skate spinner wheels ensure easy mobility on most surfaces.

10-year limited warranty

Has inner cross straps

Large mesh pocket

Rigorous and sturdy zipper



3. Goplus 2Pc Kid Luggage

Does your little one like to have lots of colors in their life? That’s one reason why they might like the extra-cheerful exterior of this unit. The amalgam of blue and black elephants amid yellow inscription and white background makes it a must-have for color enthusiasts.


Starting with the best thing this model has to offer, and its hard clamshell construction stands out. The mixture of ABS plastic and polycarbonate composite has lent toughness and hardness to this unit’s exterior, thereby allaying any concerns parents might have about their kids’ luggage durability.

While most hard clamshell luggage bags are prone to scratches, this one is a bit different. Its manufacturer has provided covering the luggage set from head to toe with a PC film. That layer, in turn, helps this model to keep scratches and lines at bay.

Kids of different heights won’t encounter any problem using this luggage because of tis 3-level adjustment telescopic handle. It also features adjustable shoulder straps that allow this luggage to accommodate kids of different body builds.

Kids won’t have any problem navigating this unit because if its 360-degree rolling spinner wheels. Their four-direction movement will allow the users of this bag to slalom it through tight spaces. Its interior, meanwhile, has multiple storage compartments to let you store more clothing and sports goods.

Waterproof surface

360-degree rolling spinner wheels

Two-way smooth zippers

Scratchproof protective film


Might be too colorful for some kids’ liking

4. Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase and Carry-On Luggage

Assume for a moment that you’ve reversed the clock and gone back to your childhood days. Wouldn’t you like having a lightweight suitcase which you can physically ride through the airport? Of course, you’d not let anyone take it away from your eyes for a second. That’s the effect this ride-on suitcase is going to have on your teens.


Most children would like the 2-in-1 functionality of this carry-on luggage. It has two carry straps at the top to let anyone carry if the bag isn’t filled beyond capacity. Conversely, if you’ve packed the bag to the rafters, your child can simply ride on this model, and carry it to the destination.

The multi-functional strap has other uses beyond letting your kid use it to carry the luggage. Parents could even turn it into a tow strap. Provided your child is tired to even ride it, you can use the strap to tow the luggage behind you, with its wheels making sure that it rides along.

Opening up the bag would reveal three storage compartments. The biggest of them is secured with a cross strap. We recommend that you use it for securing perishable items or notebooks. The second one, located on the right side, is compact but can still hold all the clothes.

As for the one close to the mouth of the bag, it provides enough space to store towels, a water bottle or clothing. It’s because of this compartmentalization that this luggage boasts 18L capacity, which is huge by any definition of the word.

Carry-strap doubles as tow-strap

Has an internal pocket

Massive 18L capacity

Patented secure catches


Flimsy hinge

5. Stephen Joseph Rolling Luggage

Want to give your child something similar to what you had back when you were of their age? Then you might want to give them the slightly-reserved Stephen Joseph Rolling Luggage. Its dark designs won’t stand out from the crowd but it’s the other features of this unit that make it special.


If you want to have a clue of how sturdy this model is, turn it around. The bottom of its retractable handle is protected with a soft nylon fabric which is as durable as it’s stretchable. No amount of predictable pressure will be able to rip it off and expose the handle to damage.

Similar is the case with its front side. The bottom of the interior compartment is protected by 2 layers of durable nylon. There’s also the extra shield in the shape of the front pocket. All this talk about this model’s heavy-duty fabric means your kid would have to be incredibly churlish to damage it.

We were also impressed with the two carry options for this luggage. Your child can use the upper carry handle if the weight of their books is within their lifting capacity. Or, if they have packed their entire wardrobe for the next vacation, they could use the retractable handle to swiftly carry it along.

The fact that it has an approved size means that most airline service providers won’t trouble you at the airport. Its two side zipper pockets offer enough space for stationary, whereas the main front pocket, as well as the roomy interior compartment, is big enough to house clothes.

Airline approved size

Accessible exterior pocket

Double-lock retractable handle

Durable polyester exterior


Interior doesn’t have any cross straps or compartments

6. Yodo Zoo 3-Way Kids Rolling Luggage

Of all the best luggage for kids that you’ve seen thus far, the Yodo Zoo 3-Way is by far the most inexpensive. However, that doesn’t mean that any shortcuts were taken in this model’s design and construction. It features the same quality materials which you can find in other units in this review.


How can we be sure no corners have been cut to keep this unit’s price low? Because we know that it is made of 600D polyester and 210D polyester lining. While the former makes the entire unit fraying-proof, the heavy-duty lining would protect this model whenever you overstuff it with essentials.

Apart from its meager price tag, versatility is one of the strong points of this rolling luggage. You can use it as luggage, a backpack, and even a handbag. That’s because this bag has different carrying options – a telescopic handle, carry handle, shoulder straps – to compliment your child’s needs.

Kids can use the spacious pocket at its front to quickly store and access their snacks and toys. They can also use the mesh pockets on both sides to house their bottles. Also, since the front pocket has a 2-direction zipper, its user can open/close it from both directions.

Lastly, we’d be doing a disservice to this bag if we don’t talk about its interior. It contains zipper pockets to help your child secure their books. That’s a pretty handy feature given the fact that you usually expect it from product’s costing twice as much as the Yodo 3-Way.

Padded back panel

Interior zip pocket

Two side mesh pockets

Spacious storage area


Spinner Wheels aren’t multi-directional

7. American Tourister Disney Kids Hardside Upright Luggage

Did you come here in search of the best luggage for your child? Can you afford to pay whatever it takes to land such a model? If you find yourself nodding to both these questions, only then you should move ahead and consider having the excellent features of this astronomically-priced sports toys luggage.


Perhaps it’s the construction of this model which justifies its otherwise inexcusably high price tag. The combination of ABS and polycarbonate shell means that this luggage can handle whatever your kids are able to throw at it – and come out unscathed out of the whole ordeal.

Think we’re bluffing here? Then you probably don’t know that this model comes with a market-high 10-year warranty. People who are in the business of luggage themselves will tell you how rare it’s to find a model whose model will take responsibility for its workmanship for such a long time.

Beneath the cross straps which secure the contents of your luggage, this model has a book opening case divided by a mesh separator. The result is two equal-size compartments where you can store notebooks, stationery, toys and books. And that too in neatly demarcated sections.

The space between the double-compartments and the cross straps can be used for storing clothes, towels, and valuable items. The opening side of the rolling bag, meanwhile, has dual direction zippers securing yet another storage area that is large enough to store the remaining items in your traveling itinerary.

ABS and polycarbonate shell

10-year limited warranty

Side-mounted skate wheels


Astronomically expensive

8. Disney Pixar Cars Rolling Lightning McQueen Suitcase

If your kid loves Disney movies and spends a better part of his leisure time either watching his favorite cartoon characters on the screen or imitating them in your living room, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the Disney Pixar Cars suitcases for kids.


One of the most notable features of this suitcase is the usage of high quality materials in its construction. Their presence empowers this model to better withstand wear and tear, while it also maintains its shape even when you overstuff it.

As your kid might be able to tell, the external designs of this suitcase is modeled on the Lightning McQueen from the Cars’ movie of the Disney Pixar franchise. Apart from attracting kids, its designs won’t pose you any problem as you try to locate this bag on a conveyor belt.

Did we just mention conveyor belt? We did that because we know that the 17’’ x 11’’ x 6 inches size of this suitcase meets the rolling luggage requirements of most national and international flights. However, if you’re traveling for the first time, it would still be safe to consult with your operator.

Its main compartment sports two zippers to let your child open it from both sides. Space inside is big enough to accommodate notebooks, drawing books and other stationery. And its position means that your child won’t have any problem accessing the items inside whenever they feel the need.

Double-zipper front pocket

Aesthetically pleasing designs

Easy-to-carry handle

Compact dimensions and light weight


Spinner Wheels are of suspect quality

9. MiniMAX Childrens Trolley Cabin Suitcase/Backpack

The MiniMAX Childrens Trolley is a no-frills child suitcase that has sacrificed its looks for practical and functional features. That means that while you won’t find anything extraordinary about its cute design colors, the storage and durability of this model’s materials won’t give you any reason for complaint.


Your child will have three options with which they could carry this suitcase. The first, and our favorite, is the 2-position telescopic handle which will let them glide this trolley across paved surfaces. However, if the surface isn’t up to the mark, they could just use its adjustable straps to convert it into a backpack.

Perhaps that’s the reason why this trip suitcase doubles as a school bag. It also has three external pockets of varying sizes to store items of different shapes. Foremost among them is the outermost packing space whose small size limits its utility for pens, pencils, and USBs.

Next is the medium-size pocket which is secured by two zippers and can store a folded piece of paper. Those of you who want to store something bigger can use the third, and the final, external pocket. It also has a double zipper-like its medium-size counterpart but provides enough area to store a clipboard.

As turning the bag around would show, there are more external storage options. Space, where the handle retracts to its lowest position, has a zipper with enough space for small stationery items. Beneath it is a large pocket where you can easily store notebooks. So you won’t run out of space with this product.

Five external pockets

2 spinner wheels

Has adjustable straps

Features a telescopic handle


Doesn’t have the cutest design

10. PUQU Monster Truck Design Toddlers Travel Suitcase With Wheels

As its users know by now, the PUQU Monster Truck Toddlers Travel Suitcase is a wheeled-carry on whose other purpose is providing enough storage space to young travelers. It doesn’t offer the biggest storage area – only 18L – but makes up for this shortcoming with its kids’-friendly design and ultra-portability.


Did you know that the Monster Truck Suitcase offers storage and fun opportunities at the same time? Those of you who want to take a look at the former need only open its top case. True, space inside won’t be huge to the liking of most of us, but it can still house enough items for a weekend trip.

As for its fun-loving part, the fact that it comes with four tires means your child can easily convert it into their very own Monster Truck. They won’t have to use their feet to slide it along as this unit features a durable shoulder strap which lets the parents tow their kid along.

Towing isn’t the only purpose of the ‘shoulder’ strap. When the fun time is over and your child is ready to go back to school, they can use the strap to convert this unit into a backpack. You won’t have to worry about the tires poking into your child’s back as they would be on the external-facing side.

Lastly, in contrast to some of the rolling luggage whose popularity is limited to either boys or girls, this one enjoys an excellent reputation among both. Its bright yellow design makes this rolling luggage suitable for both, so you don’t have to worry about whether your child would like its design or not.

Durable ABS construction

18 liters storage space

Doubles as a stroller

Compact dimensions and pleasing colors


Doesn’t have the cutest design

11. Travel Buddies Rusty Robot Luggage

What is better than having travel luggage for your little one? Travel luggage which offers a separate backpack in its package, and that too at no extra cost to the consumer. So if you’re one of those persons who rarely miss ‘buy-one, get-one’ deals, you might not want to miss on the Rusty Robot kids Luggage.


Let’s begin our review of the Travel Buddies with a look at its luggage. It’s made of durable ABS and features hardshell construction to withstand abuse and wear-and-tear. No amount of poking would force the outer shell to give way and let the damage proceed to the inner compartment.

While it doesn’t have anything to offer in terms of external pockets, opening up the luggage would reveal three separate areas. The biggest among them is secured beneath cross bands and you can use it to store clothes, food, towels and similar accessories. The other two are beneath the front side and secured by a zippered area.

Having discussed what the luggage is all about, it’s time we turn our attention to the backpack. There’s nothing to differentiate as far as the construction is concerned as both feature the same ABS hardshell construction. That’s a good feature to have as not many soft backpacks can handle abuse.

You don’t get any tires beneath the backpack but it does have three inner storage compartments. The absence of cross bands on the inside is compensated by providing two vertical bands. They are under the front-facing side of the backpack and would do well to secure smaller items.

ABS hardshell construction

Dual height retractable handle

Smooth-rolling tires


Too small for children aged 6 or above


Having led you through the various luggage that are available for kids in 2020, we can now say with certainty that the Skip Hop Kids Luggage With Wheels is the best of the lot. With its 13’’ retractable handle, easy-to-maneuver wheels and shoulder straps which let you convert this luggage into a backpack, you won’t have to make any compromises if you end up choosing this unit.

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