Best Underseat Luggage in 2020

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It seems like airplane fares are always going up. And, more and more often, we are forced to fly with budget airlines like Spirit or choose a discount option with our usual carrier. These discount choices usually include having to pay fees for any checked luggage. And, then there is the issue of just how big a carry-on will be allowed by the carrier.

Stowing a personal item under the seat in front is often the surest way to bring a few necessities with and not have to pay extra! With this thought in mind, we consider the best underseat luggage in 2020.

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Your personal item that fits under the seat needs to be well made and easy to clean because, in fact, it will be placed on the floor on every trip. This is where the previous passenger had his or her feet! And, the same sorts of criteria apply to this kind of luggage as to checked baggage and carry-ons.

It should have strong zippers, extra pockets of storing and organizing things, and even a lock (even though it will be with you most of the time). With these thoughts in mind, here are a few suggestions to follow for getting the best underseat luggage in 2020.

Reviews of the Top 15 Underseat Luggage


Samsonite Wheeled Underseater

An excellent choice for underseat luggage is this imported bad made with a 100% Polyester and nylon blend. It has a zipper closure, inline skate rollers, and fits easily under most airline seats.

We are impressed by the push button, ergonomic handle that locks in place as well as the separate compartment for packing damp or dirty clothes. Its exterior pockets allow for better organization of your packed gear by placing smaller items is these “quick stash” outside pockets.

With a sleeve on the back that lets you hook it over the handle of other luggage, this underseat bag is easy to transport even when you are dealing with several bags. The larger model weighs just five pounds and measures 16″ times 13″ times 7.5″. The smaller weighs 5 pounds and measures 13″ by 13″ by 6.5″.

  • Excellent size and dimensions for fitting under airline seats
  • Inline rollers for easy maneuverability
  • Hand strap for hooking over upright luggage
  • Additional compartment for wet and dirty things
  • The larger of the two sizes might not fit on some airlines
  • Not sure that the rollers are necessary for this sort of luggage
  • The handles may also be excessive as well


AmazonBasics Underseat Luggage

This is a nice, lightweight underseat bag at a fair cost. Its polyester fabric is easy to clean. As a rolling luggage piece, it is easy to handle when navigating busy airports.

It doubles as either a carry-on or underseat bag with exterior dimensions of 13.3 by 9.4 by 14.1″ and a weight of 4.7 pounds. The inside has enough room for a pair of shoes and clothing while the side pockets help you compartmentalize smaller items. Its organizer makes it easy to get at your travel documents or reading material.

The push-button handle telescopes and locks in place. And it comes with a one-year limited warranty as an AmazonBasics item.

  • Lightweight and sufficiently small for most airlines
  • Rolling underseat bag for easy maneuvering
  • Cabin bag with lots of zippered pockets for organizing
  • Each wheel and the handle may make this item too bulky some underseat uses
  • Warranty is limited to one year and limited at that
  • May be too small for a larger laptop


Travelon Wheeled Underseat Luggage

This combination carry-on and underseat bag comes at a nice price. It features a big main compartment with an organizer in front and a zippered pocket on the front. It folds up nicely for convenient storage and is nicely flexible for stuffing into small underseat locations.

Its side pocket for a water bottle is handy when traveling and its great strap for adding a bag is also useful for when you are on the go. Use this bag to carry your belongings or to use it as a footrest on your flight! The smallest of three sizes for this bag measures 15.5 by 13.3 by 6 inches.

  • Nice, multi-use rolling underseat tote at an attractive price
  • It comes in three sizes for carry-on and placing down below
  • Well designed and sturdy
  • The larger size is really a carry-on and not for underseat use
  • The water bottle feature is good for “backpack” use but not to bring water on the plane
  • Wheels are handy for movement but may make this bag too bulky


Olympia Deluxe Fashion Rolling Overnighter

Very handy “overnight” bag, carry-on, or underseat luggage at a great price. Its push handle retracts out of sight, and the inside compartment has lots of room.

It comes with a sturdy zipper pocket for convenient organizing, and the laptop compartment is well-padded. There are also Velcro side closure pockets as well. It measures 17 by 14 by 8.25 inches.

This is an elegant suitcase that you will be proud to carry on the plane or wherever you travel. At 5.5 pounds, it is convenient to manage and you can get it in a wide variety of designs and colors.

If you are looking for something beyond a dull bag to stuff into the overhead compartment or under your seat, this is an ideal product as it is durable, stylish, and fast to clean.

  • Attractive, stylish carry-on, underseat luggage
  • Nice price for such a fashionable item
  • Lightweight for convenient carrying
  • May be too large for underseat use in many airlines
  • Designed more for fashion than the ability to fit under a seat
  • Wheels and handles are more for maneuverability and less for your belonging.


DELSEY Paris Underseater

You can travel in style when carrying your belongings in this quilted bag by Delsey. Its polyester fabric wears well and cleans up easily. With lots of pockets for organizing, it makes packing fast and convenient.

This item features both a top handle that retracts and dual top handles for carrying by hand. Its inline skate wheels make it a snap to move around the airport or on city streets. And, the inline wheels will do well when traversing uneven ground or even cobblestone streets.

The Delsey quilted main compartment protects your belongings with a quilted form pocket for your laptop, tablet, or smartphone as well as pockets to organize toiletries, accessories, and your other belongings. You can also tote magazines, newspapers, or a water bottle in the handy side pockets.

Another excellent feature is a band on the back that can fit over upright luggage handles for easier transport. And, it comes in six colors and measures 9 times 14.5 times 14 inches.

  • Stylish carry-on or underseat luggage in six colors
  • Delsey quilted interior protects your belongings
  • Lots of compartments for efficient organizing
  • More of a carry-on bag than an underseat item
  • Perhaps too many features for simple underseat use
  • Wheels and handle might be too bulky for putting under a seat


Lucas Cabin Luggage Collection

You can use this multi-pocket, collapsible duffle bag for a carry-on or for stowing your things under the seat in front. It is lightweight and will fit, or be folded into virtually any underseat space. With two wheels, it is convenient to move around the airport and its telescoping and ergonomic handle are very convenient.

Made for very durable and easily cleanable nylon, this bag will stand up to the rigors of travel for years and close easily even when its spacious main compartment is packed full.

And, it is a multi-purpose item than works just as well as a gym bag, overnight bag, or even hold your items for trips to the hospital for labor and delivery!

This handy bag comes with a two-year guarantee from the manufacturer a trusted companion promise that covers repair costs for any damage caused by a defect in manufacturing. At 16 by 14 by 9 inches and at 5 pounds, this ideal under-seat luggage but useful for lots of purposes.

  • Light, collapsible duffle bag for underseat luggage
  • Durable, cleanable, and affordable
  • Good for travel and good for use as a gym or all-purpose bag
  • Wheels and telescoping handles may not be necessary for putting things under the seat
  • Dimensions may be a bit larger for some carriers
  • Warranty does not cover damage by the carrier


Aerolite 16.5" Underseat Women Luggage

This is an attractive, durable, and affordable carry-on bag or underseat bag. Its dimensions fit the requirements for American, Delta, Southwest, Alaska, Spirit, Aeroméxico, Volaris, Frontier, Interjet, Hawaiian, Viva, Aerobus, Virgin, and Atlantic. Its overall size is 16.5 by 13.8 by 7.8 inches.

The Aerolite does a nice job of combining functionality with style so you won’t be ashamed to bring this bag into first-class or into the lobby of a five-star hotel. With its roller wheels, this bag is not hard to handle and its quilted shell will stand out anywhere that you go.

While the outside of the Aerolite is fashionable and durable, the inside offers lots of space for your things. Its interior pockets help organize and the pair of detachable toiletry bags guarantee that any spilled shampoo will stay away from the rest of your luggage.

Handy exterior zipper pockets provide ample space for your travel documents, smartphone, and a book or newspaper.

The top of the line materials used in this bag makes it water-resistant and very tough. The ID card slot and three-digit lock provide added protection for your belongings and the bag comes with a two-year warranty as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Excellent underseat bag at a fair price
  • Durable with a two-year warranty
  • Stylish as well as functional
  • Maybe more than you need
  • Nor sure that you need a lock on a carry-on bag or underseat carry-on luggage
  • The warranty covers defects but not carrier damage


Ciao 15 Inch Carry on Luggage

The Ciao works well as an airplane carry-on but also fits under the chair if need be. Measuring just 15 by 9 by 14 inches and weighing just 4 pounds, this is a leader in lightweight underseat or a carry-on bag.

Made of durable nylon, it will last and last and always clean up easily. With completely lined interior compartments, and exterior pockets, this carry-on bag makes organizing your packing a breeze. Whether you need it for going on the plane or just an overnight trip across town, the Ciao is always useful.

These carry-on bags have a pair of wheels and a telescoping handle that make airport transits easy. With a two year guarantee against defects in workmanship or materials, you won’t go wrong with this underseat or carry-on bag.

  • Two-year warranty
  • Multiple compartments for easy organizing
  • Durable but still stylish
  • More like carry-on bags than luggage to go under the seat
  • Warranty does not cover damage by the carrier
  • Wheels and handle not necessary for underseat use


Nicole Miller Underseat Luggage Collection

If you are looking for a durable, fashionable, and affordable underseat or carry-on bag, this one is a good choice. Its interior is fully lined and features both inside compartments and outside pockets for easy access to your book, magazine, and travel documents.

Although this bag is made to go on the floor in front of you and carry your things on a plane, it can be used for a variety of purposes outside of travel. It weighs 5 pounds and measures 15 by 9 by 14 inches, making it a handy overnight bag, gym bag, or just a bag for odds and ends.

It is easy to move around an airport as it is wheeled, and its ergonomic handle is comfortable. The telescoping handle makes movement easy as well. What is more, it comes with a five-year warranty on materials and defects in workmanship.

  • Affordable, durable, and attractive
  • Multi-use aside from travel
  • Warranty is for five years
  • May be too large for some carriers
  • Telescoping handle and rollers take up underseat space
  • Might be more than you need for either carry-on bags or a rolling tote


Lily Bloom 15" Underseat Carry on Luggage

These lightweight carry-on bags can also double as underseat luggage on most carriers. The Lily Bloom has nice internal pockets for easy organizing, a telescoping handle and inline rollers for easy movement, and a nice price.

Very light in weight, this is an easy bag to carry. It doubles as a gym bag when you are not traveling, or when you are. At just 4 pounds it is one of the lightest bags in its class and at 15 by 9 by 14 inches it fits into most available spaces. And, it comes in a variety of colors and designs.

  • Attractive, durable, and affordable
  • Use as a gym bag or overnight bag as well as for travel
  • Easily maneuverable with telescoping handle and wheels
  • OK as a carry-on but may need to pack light for stowing under the chair in front of you
  • Rollers and handle not needed for fitting where it belongs
  • Maybe more than you need for the price


Samsonite Spinner Underseater with USB Port

For the ultimate in carry-on or underseat luggage, take a look at this underseat spinner from Samsonite. It weighs only 7 pounds and measures 16.5 by 13.5 by x 9 inches making it the right size to go either in the overhead bin or on the floor in front. It is durable, easy to manage, and even comes with its own USB port!

Its durable 1690D polyester fabric lasts and lasts and cleans easily when necessary. Its telescoping handle has three stops and a “pass-through” band on the back lets you hang it on larger upright luggage.

This bag features separate pockets for a laptop and for a smartphone or tablet from which they can recharge using the built-in USB port.

The Samsonite spinner has lots of internal pockets for organizing smaller articles and side pockets for your travel documents and articles you need access to without opening the bag. Last, but not least, this underseat spinner comes with Samsonite’s 10-year warranty.

  • High-quality bag for bringing on the plane from Samsonite
  • A cool USB port for recharging your laptop or tablet on the go
  • Warranty for 10 years
  • Maybe more than you need to put a few things on the floor in front of you
  • Spinners and extension handle bulky when storing where you would like to put your feet
  • Need to remember to recharge the USB port charger!


High Sierra Endeavour Underseat Luggage

Designed for the serious business traveler, the High Sierra Endeavor fits in overhead bins or under airline recliners. It is made with durable DL-540 polyester and cleans up nicely when soiled.

The laptop compartment is nicely padded for extra protection and fits most laptops up to 15 inches. It also features a front pocket sleeve for your tablet.

The extension handle retracts and locks out of sight or locks in place when maneuvering around the airport. You can hang this bag on larger, upright luggage using the “pass-through” sleeve.

The zippered side pocket for shoes also can be used as a divider or better organizing. Its mesh zippered pocket and many “organizer” pockets make this an efficient travel companion. It comes with a normal handle on the underside of the bag as well.

  • Well-designed carry-on or underseat bag
  • Durable and easily –cleanable fabric
  • Rolls easily through the airport
  • Might be more than you want for putting a few items under the seat in front
  • Handle and each wheel take up space under the row in front of you
  • Might not qualify with some airlines for its intended use


Briggs & Riley Baseline Expandable Cabin Bag

At 8.1 by 16.5 by 11 inches and only 3.6 lbs, the Briggs & Riley is ideal for use as a cabin bag for the overhead bin or as an underseat item. It works well for carrying your necessities and is a great organizer for paperwork you are bringing along on the flight.

Its “Speed Through” pocket is perfect for ready access to travel documents and other items you will need for airport security or which you will need and don’t want to have open the bag to get. Made from 1680C nylon, this bag wears well and shakes off dirt and grime. If it does get dirty, it is a snap to clean.

It has both webbing handles and a cross-shoulder strap or easy carrying. And, it features a gusseted front zipper pocket for keys, tickets, pens, and reading materials.

With three compartments, this bag allows for the excellent organization of your belongings and it can expand by as much as 4 inches if you need to put more into the main and flat packing sections.

  • Very well designed carryon or rolling underseat bag
  • Great for bringing paperwork on long flights
  • A durable bag that will last you for years
  • More than most folks will need
  • High quality but comes with a higher price than most
  • Does not have wheels for easy transport


Kenneth Cole Reaction Excursion Wheel Underseat Bag

Kenneth Cole makes a nice wheeled underseat bag for putting things under the seat and comes at an affordable price. At 16.1 times 16 times 10.3 inches it fits it any overhead bin and under most airline seats. At 6.55 pounds, it is easy to carry.

Features like its extendable, push-button, locking handle and in-line wheels make this an easy bag to maneuver through airports. Its interior is lined and filled with pockets for organizing your packing.

It serves well as an underseat travel companion, an overnight bag, or for taking a few things on a weekend getaway. The bag is durable and easy to clean. And, it comes with a back strap for hanging on larger, upright luggage when moving through the terminal.

Because it is on the higher end of underseat bags, you may wish to check with your airline to make sure that it meets airline requirements for going under the seat.

  • Sturdy construction and durable fabric
  • Rolling tote with sturdy in-line wheels
  • Stylish wheeled bag at a perfect price
  • Wheels and extension handle may be more than you need
  • On the high end of size requirements for an underseat bag
  • Wheels and handle take up space that could be used for your belongings


Travelpro Maxlite Carry on Luggage

At 16.5 by 14.75 by 9 9 inches and 5.4 pounds, the Travelpro qualifies as underseat luggage with most domestic airlines. It has a roomy central compartment and lots of interior and exterior small compartments for efficient organizing.

The laptop or tablet sleeve is padded for extra protection and it has a “quick loop” on the back for handing over larger upright luggage. With its tough polyester fabric and Duraguard protection, this bag is dirt and stain-resistant and will last you for many years. In fact, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The Maxlite comes with durable rollaboards and spinners that have the look and the function of a more expensive product.

  • Well-made carryon at an affordable price
  • Tough, stain-resistant fabric
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • May be too large to qualify with some carriers
  • Extension handle and wheels take up space

How to Choose Underseat Luggage?

When thinking about underseat luggage, start by considering the advantages and best use of this kind of bag. Then think of the attributes that you want yours to have. Think of the best ways that you can take advantage of a good carry-on or bag to put under the seat. And, then look for the best bag that fits your criteria.

Why Do You Want to Use Underseat Luggage?

As airfares have gone steadily up, we all need to travel smarter. That means traveling with carriers that give you a good deal but limit your luggage options. Because the “personal luggage” is generally still allowed when you travel, it has to fit on your lap which is a pain on a long trip or under the seat.

It might fit in the overhead compartment but you had better be getting on the plane first so that you can find space in the overhead bin.

The issue with carry-on luggage these days is size. Airlines seem to keep reducing the dimensions that they will allow for carry-ons. That being the case, you are faced with paying for checking that bag. And, when you cannot fit it under the seat, you are stuck with having to check it anyway!

What Qualities Does Underseat Luggage Need?

First of all, this bag needs to fit under the seat. But, there is no standard definition of how much space is available in this case. You may be forced to check with the carrier itself to find out the dimensions available under their seats for such items. And, as we already mentioned, this sort of luggage tends to get dirty faster than its carry-on and checked siblings. The upside is that every time you carry it you are saving fees! It lies on the floor where people put their feet, can get scraped, may become stained if the previous passenger spilled their coffee, wine, or soft drink. And, because of such moisture issues, pick a suitcase that is water-resistant so that your personal items inside are safe from damage.
Because of the rougher requirements of these kinds of suitcases, they need to have strong zippers, handles, straps, and accessory pockets to prevent damage as well as a large main compartment, zippered pockets, and a place for your travel slippers.
Interior pockets are important as they help keep things organized, even something as basic as a duffel bag.

How Will You Use Your Underseat Luggage?

If you are traveling light, you may simply use one small bag that goes with you at all times. It may be your underseat luggage on the airplane, your backpack while traveling in foreign cities and even your pillow as you rest on a bench in a rural train depot while waiting for the 02:44 to arrive from Budapest!

Some travelers take medications that are not readily available as they travel. Your luggage that goes under the seat still needs to be secure enough to protect such valuable items. So, it needs to be made of tough fabric, zippers that cannot be opened by forcing a pen into them and a secure lock in case you leave it unguarded or a moment.

Just because the facts of airline economy force you to go this route, it does not mean that you cannot get what you need to make your travel easier and more enjoyable.

Think about what you will be doing when you arrive at your destination. Will it be more travel by bus, train, or on foot? Will you be using accommodations like hostels? Will you be sleeping under the stars? No matter why you are traveling and how, this luggage needs to fit your travel needs.

Can You Use a Duffel Bag as Underseat Luggage?

The answer is, yes. But, it needs to fit, be sturdy, be closable, resistant to water damage, and have compartments inside to help you organize your travel items including your clothes. The nice part about a duffle bag is that these bags are generally washable with your clothes and made to last.

What if You're Forced to Check your Underseat Luggage?

The best-laid plans of all travelers can go astray, to mangle the famous Bobby Burns quote about plans, mice, and men. You have the things that you need in a small “personal item” that should fit nicely under your seat. Then the airline moves you to a front-row seat with no seat in front! Or, they have chosen to check all bags instead of accepting these bags (unless you pay more). Then your bag needs a tag with your name, email address, physical address. It should have a lock that is TSA compatible as well.

These are things to consider when purchasing the best underseat luggage. When you are traveling, your email address may be the perfect piece of information to have displayed on your luggage as you may be away from home or your business for an extended period.

What Material is Best for Underseat Luggage?

While hard-sided luggage keeps your belongings safe from harm, a hard-sided bag will not fit easily under the seat. A soft-sided bag is more flexible and will maximize the space you can fit it into.

But, a thin, easily torn, the fabric will get damaged easily, soak up any liquid it encounters, and get stains that will be hard to remove. Thus, you need to look for a material that is strong but flexible, resistant to water penetration, and easy to clean off after every trip.

When Is an Under-seat Bag a Personal?

To a degree, the terms are synonymous as airlines generally including fitting under the seat as part of their definition of this sort of luggage not matter if it holds your clothes and other belongings. So, if it is small enough to fit under a seat, you are usually safe. However, airlines typically have more the definition and that will vary according to the airline. Purses, handbags, laptop bags, camera, However, the decision as to whether your bag qualifies as “personal” and “underseat” is made when you check-in. If you are packing everything but the kitchen sink into your purse or laptop bag, the bulkiness may gain the attention of the person doing the check-in. If there is a way to hold the item or press it against your body to make it look smaller, this might help.
With some airlines like Jet Star, weight is a factor. They require that your carry-on and other “in-cabin” luggage weigh no more than 7 kg. Other airlines like American and British Airways have specific dimensions that limit the size of bags that go under the seat.
And, even if you are carrying a laptop on the plane, it needs to be in a slim, small case or it will be considered a carry-on! This is not about spacious bags and a large main compartment but rather low weight bags, small bags, and saving money on your airfare with an under seater. The bottom line is to check with the airline if you are not sure.

How About Backpacks as Underseat Luggage?

One “urban myth” in regard to underseat luggage is that you can bring a backpack on a budget carrier like Spirit Air for free. With Spirit or any other carrier, there is no specific rule for backpacks. They go into check luggage, the overhead bin as a carry-on, or under the seat in front depending on their size.

That having been said, backpacks are often the best for luggage under seat purposes because they are flexible and easy to pack into tight spaces.

And, they are multi-functional when you are traveling as they work to carry your luggage from place to place and carry your clothes and other things during the day once you are at your destination.

What Can you Carry in Underseat Luggage?

Because specific airline rules include your purse or handbag, your laptop case, cameras, and the like in their list of allowed items, you can obviously carry these. And, you can carry pretty much anything else that will fit, so long as it passes inspection when you have your baggage examined by security. Commonly carried items include personal medications, something to read, your travel documents, and other necessities.
One useful trick when bringing this sort of bag is to wear any heavier garments at check-in instead of putting them in your bag. There are no rules against dressing too well or too warmly, so you can stuff the pockets of your coat with items that would make your underseat luggage look suspiciously heavy and bulky.
What is the Best Underseat Luggage for you?

You have read all of our suggestions as to what to consider when looking for the best underseat luggage in 2020. You may have read a review of two and found a useful list with a rating for each bag. the review may even give you some good ideas about quality. And, you have hopefully picked up some good ideas.

But, your luggage is your luggage. It needs to serve your travel needs. This may simply be an occasional flight on a budget carrier or it may be a summer-long trip across the length and breadth of Europe. It may simply need to be reliable underseat carry-on luggage or it may need to carry everything you need for an extended trip abroad.

High Quality and Price or Budget and Disposable

This is a practical consideration. You are not buying an automobile for tens of thousands of dollars. You are purchasing a bag for putting luggage under a seat on the airplane. To a degree, the best route for many people is to go the budget route on this item just like you are going the budget route on your flight plans.

When this luggage wears out, buy new. However, if you travel for work, need something that looks smart, and need specific features, buying a high-quality bag is your best choice. That having been said, consult our reviews of the best underseat luggage in 2020.