Best Lightweight Luggage in 2020

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Traveling can be fun, educational, relaxing, or profitable (for business). And, traveling can be a real chore when you have to drag heavy bags through a busy airport, train station, bus terminal, or city streets in a foreign country.

List of Best Lightweight Luggage

  1. Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase
  2. AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage Suitcase
  3. Jetstream 18 Inch Lightweight Luggage
  4. Travelpro Lightweight Expandable Rollaboard Luggage
  5. Samsonite F’Lite GT 31 Hardside Wheeled Luggage
  6. Maximum Allowance Airline Approved Carry-on Suitcase
  7. IT Luggage 21.8” 2 Wheel Carry On
  8. Lucas Ultra Lightweight Carry-on Luggage
  9. Briggs & Riley Transcend Spinner Luggage
  10. Lucas Designer Luggage Collection
  11. Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Carry-on 21″
  12. Osprey Ozone Wheeled Carry-on 42L/21.5″
  13. Lipault Original Plume Spinner Carry-On Rolling Bag for Women

Smart packing will help you with this issue but, even before you start to pack for your trip, consider getting lightweight bags. When traveling with lightweight luggage you will find it easier to get where you are going and arrive refreshed instead of being exhausted.

Best Lightweight Luggage – Comparison Table


Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase
  • Material: 100% ABS
  • Weight: 4.7lbs – 10lbs
  • Price: $$$
Check Price

AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage Suitcase
  • Material: 150D-Polyester
  • Weight: 7.87lbs
  • Price: $$
Check Price

Jetstream 18 Inch Lightweight Luggage
  • Material: 500 Denier Polyester
  • Weight: 4.40lbs
  • Price: $$
Check Price

  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 5.4lbs
  • Price: $$$
Check Price

Samsonite F’Lite GT 31 Hardside Wheeled Luggage
  • Material: 100% Polypropylene
  • Weight: 14.2 pounds
  • Price: $$
Check Price

Maximum Allowance Airline Approved Carry-on Suitcase
  • Material: Strong ABS
  • Weight: 6.17lbs
  • Price: $$
Check Price

IT Luggage 21.8” 2 Wheel Carry On
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 3.81lbs
  • Price: $$
Check Price

Lucas Ultra Lightweight Carry-on Luggage
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 5.8lbs
  • Price: $$
Check Price

Briggs & Riley Transcend Spinner Luggage
  • Material: Two-tone Nylon Twill
  • Weight: 10.8 pounds
  • Price: $$$
Check Price

  • Material: 100% virgin PU
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Price: $$
Check Price

And, if you would like to avoid fees for overweight suitcases, start by purchasing a lightweight set. The difference between regular suitcases and low weight bags can easily be several pounds. With these thoughts I mind, we would like to provide you with a bit of useful information about the best lightweight luggage in 2020 for your budget.

How to Find Best Lightweight Luggage in 2020?

So, you are already convinced that you need to replace your previous heavy, old suitcase, large and musty, with a new low weight suitcase, large, attractive, and clean! Where do you look? What do you look for? What criteria do you use in choosing the best lightweight luggage for your travel needs?

Then there is the issue of cost. Can you afford those elegant low weight suitcase offers that you have your eyes on? In this case, we suggest that you ask yourself if you can afford not to buy a set of low weight bags that will make travel easier for many trips to come!

Comfort in your travels, ease of packing, easy storage, strong material, and extra features like side pockets of belongings that you need to get at as you travel are all important for any trip. And, there are plenty of bag types to choose from including a huge selection online.

Where Should You Look for Lightweight Luggage?

A good first place to look when buying lightweight luggage is Consumer Reports. Do this to get a good idea of what you are looking for and how to proceed. When you are ready to look at some merchandise, there are several options. Any number of “big box” stores and department store carry travel bags and accessories.

The drawback to this approach is that your options will be limited and you will typically pay more than if you shop online. The best online site for a wide selection of low weight bags is Start by thinking about what you need. That will make picking the best lightweight luggage in 2020 as easy as possible.

What Do You Look for in Lightweight Luggage?

When you look for low weight luggage choices, what else do you need to be concerned with?  For most travelers, having suitcases that stand up to the punishment of repeated trips and manageability are the two most important factors.

You want something that weighs less but you also want a bag that the baggage handlers at the airline or the bellboy at the hotel will not immediately destroy because of vulnerable material!

The other feature that most travelers find most important is how easy their bags are to move through airports and other places on a trip where distance is involved.

Durability of Your Luggage

The main durability issues with these necessary travel articles have to do with zippers, wheels, handles, and the sides of the bag.


When considering how durable your bags or backpack will be, start with the zippers. There are two types of zippers, coil and chain. Coil zippers are usually polyester and slide on a set of parallel coils. Chain zippers are metal and consist of sets of teeth that interlock.

The stronger and more durable zipper is the chain type. They are harder to break into than the coil type which can often be opened by forcing a ball point pen in between the two sides of the zipper on your bag!


Next, consider the wheels. There are two issues here, how well the wheels are made and if you are getting a two-wheeler or four-wheeler. If you are buying in a store, simply check the wheels to make sure that they stay in place and roll smoothly. And, when you handle them, the wheels should be attached firmly.

If you are like me, you love the way that four-wheel luggage rolls along in the airport. The first think to check with this wheel type includes how well they are attached to the luggage.

Because they are mounted externally, they are more subject to damage than internally-mounted two-wheelers. Wheels that are attached with screws are less likely to weaken during your travel and get loose than ones attached with rivets.

When you expect to be navigating uneven streets and similar rough terrain in your travels, consider buying the two-wheel type. The wheels are recessed and not likely to break off or weaken. And, because they simply roll frontward or backward, instead of in all directions, they will wear and last longer with rough use.


Another durability concern is the handle on your bag or backpack. Make sure that it does not rattle or wiggle when you handle it. Retractable handles are nice in that they are less prone to damage from sloppy baggage handling but check that the handle moves smoothly as you pull it up for use.

Hard Side or Soft Side

And, the last durability concern is if you go with hard-sided or soft-sided bags. If you want the best in protection against cuts, tears, in perforations from sharp objects, hard sided is the way to go.

However, hard-sided luggage is typically heavier. Aluminum is generally the most durable; but, you will find it hard to get a low weight set without buying smaller bags. When choosing soft-sided luggage, that will last, go with a dense fabric. And a nice feature of low weight, soft-sided luggage is that you can always pack in “one more thing.”

Then, of course, you end up defeating your purpose of traveling light with low weight luggage on your trip! Look for a Denier rating which tells you how thick and tough the fabric is.


The main reason that you are buying a bag that is light in weight is that it is easier to carry, move, and travel with. You obviously want a handle for when you need to carry it.

But, since most affordable luggage these days comes with wheels, you need a handle that pulls up or retracts into the bag as needed. While the handles on the sides of luggage are generally pretty secure, the slide-up and retract-down handle on the exterior can be troublesome.

Things you can do to make sure the handle will not immediately separate from your luggage the first time at you use it are to pull out the handle and pull the suitcase around a bit. Pick up the suitcase using the pullout handle too. This is generally a “no-no” as you should be using the side handle for carrying your bag.

But, (not a big secret) pretty much everyone picks up their luggage at some time or other using the extension handle. If you have not checked this out you may have an experience like a dear friend of mine.

She got dropped off in front of Penn Station in New York City, in a rush to catch a train and found her extension handle waving in the air as her four-wheeled suitcase rolled back into the street! Moral of the story: check to make sure that the pull-out handle on your luggage is secure!

One occasional drawback to having four-wheel luggage is that it may not stay in place when left on a slanted surface.

This will not be an issue at your hotel or the airport, but if you are lugging your luggage around a city with hills (think San Francisco and Russian Hill), you will need to remember to place your suitcase on its side whenever you stop or you may be chasing it downhill!

What Is the Best Lightweight Suitcase in 2020 for Me?

This is the question that you want answered, isn’t it? The answer has to do with how often you travel, where your trips take you, how complicated your trips are, how long you want your luggage to last under expected use, and how easy packing it is.

And, of course you want to consider if you will be carrying your bag or always paying a porter, bellman, or taxi driver to do the lifting for you.

It makes no difference if you travel a lot or a little if you want to avoid carrying heavy luggage around with all of your belongings. Either way, you want quality luggage. Differences have to do with how often you use the luggage, how much wear and tear it gets, ease if packing, and for how long you want it to last.

And, don’t forget the useful extra things like attached tags for your name, address, and email address or secure locks (ideally TSA compliant). Handy side pockets for your electronics are also great.

There are many excellent American bag manufacturers and excellent foreign manufacturers like Delsey as well. The right offers for you will be the size you need in the colors you like for your trip with convenient features for travel on a budget or even travel with just a backpack.

Best and Lightest Suitcases for Frequent Travelers

A well-made (and generally more expensive) checked bag, carry-on, or backpack will typically last longer. Hard-sided luggage will outlast soft-sided luggage when treated roughly by baggage handlers, porters, or you. The trade-off that people confront is that you are adding weight with hard-sided luggage.

A well-constructed set of quality bags will have handles, wheels, and zippers that are more secure and likely to endure years of use. When you tighten down interior straps, your belongings will not rattle around and get damaged and your favorite outfit will not end up being torn or stained by leaking liquids.

The best lightweight luggage, taken care of, will last for years. Simply paying attention to a few details will also allow your luggage to endure more years of frequent travel. If your luggage has a guarantee and it is still valid, use it when a zipper, handle, or wheel needs to be fixed.

You need check luggage and bags that go easily into overhead bins. And, they need to fit into your available storage space as well or better than your previous ones.

It is always a temptation to pack “one more thing” for your trip. But, an expandable bulging suitcase puts stress on the seams of the fabric and the zipper.

Many times, putting things in the side pockets is a better way of packing a checked bag. If you are carrying liquids in your luggage, make sure they are enclosed in one, two or three plastic and sealed bags (with the air squeezed out before you close them).

Liquid spilled in your luggage may not shorten its useful life unless it so badly stains the fabric that you refuse to use it.

If your luggage has plenty of extra compression straps and other gear, it can help with packing but they can flap loosely around the outside. Make sure they are secured as these “loose ends” are common reasons for luggage to be damaged in baggage conveyor systems.

Best Lightweight Luggage for Occasional Travelers

Just because you do not travel a lot does not mean that you should not buy good luggage for your belongings and take care of it. All of the suggestions for frequent-traveler luggage apply for the occasional traveler as well. One issue that occasional travelers have that frequent travelers don’t need to worry about is storage.

Putting a plastic bag (large garbage bag) over each of your pieces of stored luggage will keep them from accumulating dust. And, be sure to store you luggage in a cool and dry place.

You don’t want to take your luggage out of storage once a year and then have to wipe off the mildew or deal with the moldy smell that will permeate your clothes when you are vacation!

To the extent that a nice checked bag has complex locks or a difficult-to-manage extension handle, infrequent travelers may wish to avoid it as they will probably forget the lock’s combination from year to year or manage to damage the handle with improper use.

Personal Preferences for Luggage

Despite everything that we have written, it will be your luggage and you should purchase something that you will like, enjoy using, not find difficult, and use year after year.

It should have enough good features, including plenty of convenient extra space for carrying your belongings including articles like a backpack for day use and a good lock to keep your things safe.

Plenty of exterior pockets are also important for easy packing. So, take our suggestions as just that (suggestions) and now order and buy what you like on your budget.

Warranties for Luggage Are Important

When looking for the best lightweight luggage in 2020, investigate the warranty.

First of all, when something breaks during the period of the guarantee, you can get it fixed. Secondly, a multi-year guarantee that covers pretty much everything is a good clue that the manufacturer stands behind their product and has made something that will, indeed, give you good service for years to come.

If you were disappointed by your previous guarantee, consider sending an email to the manufacturer to request assurance.

What Is a Lifetime Luggage Warranty?

The best warranty is a “lifetime warranty.” This guarantee usually covers everything, included damage inflicted by sloppy baggage handling, or five years. After that, the guarantee will only cover defects in workmanship and sometimes just defects that affect the function of the luggage.

The first important part here is to read the agreement and make sure just how good the terms are. Don’t just rely on the sign next to various luggage offers. The second part is to make sure that the warrant applies to the model that you are buying and not the “top of the line” model of that brand.

Frommer’s has a nice article and slideshow of luggage with lifetime guarantees. They also stress that you need to read the fine print regarding interior and exterior coverage as some manufacturers provide lifetime guarantees and others reduce the coverage so badly after a short time on your bag that their promises become meaningless.

Practical Aspects of Finding the Best Lightweight Luggage in 2020

When you make any purchase in life, there is always a trade-off between spending an excess of time and energy researching the best suitcase and saving time by purchasing from one supplier where you can see numerous options in one place at one time.

Some folks just want to replace the previous clunky old luggage they have been dragging from city to city for years and don’t have the time or energy to do a lot of research. This is why they choose the comfort route and go to the “big box” store or their favorite department store and buy the best one from what is in stock.

One of the better choices is to look online. Here you will find a large selection of light-weight luggage. With this thought in mind take a look at our reviews of the best lightweight luggage choices in 2020.

Review of the Best Lightweight Luggage in 2020

If you are looking for great low weight luggage and affordable prices, start by checking out the affordable brands featured our list.

1. Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase

This reasonably-priced luggage set comes with a two year warrant. There is a family set with four pieces but otherwise this is a three-piece set with upright measurements of twenty, twenty-four, and twenty-eight inches. They nest one within the other for compact storage.

The first bag in the Coolife set is made with a ABS plastic polymer exterior. This is mixture of three individual polymers gives you luggage the best thermal and chemical stability, impact strength and toughness, and an attractive, glossy finish.

The next products up the line are ABS and polycarbonate for increased strength. And, their top of the line luggage comes with an aluminum frame.

It comes with 360 degree, smooth and quiet spinner wheels and you can get an upgrade with a TSA-accepted locking system. The ergonomic telescoping handle is tough and durable.

This luggage has a squared design for full capacity and a mesh zip pocket on the interior. Its corner-guard reinforcements help reduce shock for contents with rough handling. this is a nice collection for checked bags and carry-on.


Tough, low weight ABS plastic polymer construction

Available upgrade to a TSA-approved lock

Three piece set, four pieces with family set

Nest one within the other for compact storage

Molded corner guard reinforcements


The guarantee is only for two years

The aluminum frame on their top-of-the-line set increases weight

Only comes in a four-wheel option

2. AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage Suitcase

For soft-sided, low weight luggage, the Softside Spinner comes at a nice price. You can buy a single piece in any of four sizes or a three-piece set. The individual luggage items are 18, 21, 25, and 30 inches respectively on the longest dimension. The three-piece set comes with 21, 25, and 30 inch pieces.

The spacious 30 inch piece measures 17.5 times 12.9 times 30.9 inches externally (including wheels). The inside dimensions are 16.5 times 10.6 times 26.7 inches for everything that you want to bring with on your trip.

The weights in this set range from 5.8 lbs for the 18 inch model to 7.87 lbs for the 30 inch suitcase.  The interior of these suitcases have a fabric lining and a 150D-polyester organizer featuring three pockets with zippers.

All models are spinner luggage with four spinner wheels for easy handling and a three-year limited guarantee. This is a nice, soft sided light weight group of bags at an attractive cost.


Low weight but expandable due to the soft sides

Very maneuverable with four spinner wheels

Comfortable carry handles

Polyester fabric lines the interior and organizer


Guarantee is limited in scope and limited to three years

No two-wheel option is available

Smallest model is not available as part of the collection

3. Jetstream 18 Inch Lightweight Luggage

If you are looking for a soft sided, light weight carry on suitcase, the Jetstream offers nice options at a reasonable price. The suitcase comes with a two year guarantee for any defects in workmanship. And, the manufacturer offers a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee as well.

This is a two-wheel suitcase with a extension grip that reaches up to 41 inches from the floor. At 4.4 lbs this is a very light weight bag. Despite its low weight, the Jetstream has some nice features such as an easy-carry, padded carry handles, compression straps to secure interior luggage content. And a tough “500 Denier” fabric that is rain-resistant.

The Jetstream measures 19.75 times 12.75 times 6.75 inches which makes it ideal for fitting into an overhead compartment. The interior dimensions are ample giving enough room for the things that you want keep with you on a flight.

It features zippered pockets on the font as well. These are large enough to fit your boarding pass, a magazine, or your tablet and are one of the best features.


Very light weight carry-on bag

Two year guarantee against defects

Two-wheel option for easy transport in terminals

Handy zippered front pockets


Does not have a four-wheel option

Guarantee is limited to two years

Does not come as part of a set

4. Travelpro Lightweight Expandable Rollaboard Luggage

This ultra-lightweight, expandable carry-on is exceptionally durable. It is made with stain-resistant polyester. Its water-repellant coating Duraguard give you carry-on luggage that will look great and keep your carry-on contents dry in all climates for years. It comes with a zipper with excellent tensile strength as well.

The dual wheels on the TravelPro have high-performance ball bearings for long life. Its sturdy but lightweight handle has stops at both 38 inches and 42.5 inches are ideal for individuals of varying heights.

If you need a little more space for packing, the TravelPro will expand as much as 2 inches. It has tapered shape, specifically designed to make tipping less likely. The side accessory pocket is useful for carrying things like your smartphone or tablet, boarding pass, or the daily newspaper.

The interior lid pocket is full length and very helpful in helping your organize your packing. And, the TravelPro comes with hold-down straps that you will find easy to adjust.

This luggage comes with limited lifetime coverage as well as the manufacturer’s trusted companion promise. (They will repair damage inflicted by an airline for up to one year.

And, last of all, there is an H2O guard that keeps the interior from getting moist. Dimensions are 23 by 14.5 by 9 inches and it weighs 5.4 lbs. Also look at the TravelPro Maxlite.


Ultralight, well-designed carry-on luggage

One year of repairs of damage by airlines

Stain-resistant polyester fabric

Limited lifetime warranty


Four-wheel version not available

Single item, not part of a set

May be a bit on the small side

5. Samsonite F’Lite GT 31 Hardside Wheeled Luggage

The F’Lite GT is low weight, oversized luggage with a TSA lock and comes with a limited 10 year guarantee (on defects in workmanship or materials).

It is one hundred percent polypropylene textured on the shell of the luggage and carries a debossed Samsonite logo. The handle system has an integrated ID tag and the suitcase is sealed against the elements with rubber gaskets.

At 11.9 pounds, this is a of the lightest Samsonite suitcases for its size. Its sturdy wheels allow you to navigate in comfort even on rough terrain such as cobblestone streets in foreign cities without being damaged.

And, it comes with a handy organization panel printed inside. At 29.5 by 20 by 12 inches, you will love this lightweight suitcase large enough for everything you want to carry.

To take advantage of the guarantee, contact Samsonite. They will refer you to an “authorized repair center! The repair center will decide if the issue is carrier damage or misuse versus a defect in materials or workmanship. If the luggage is not covered by their guarantee, they will repair it but there will be a charge.


Large but light-in-weight luggage

Excellent construction

Rubber gasket seal to protect against the elements

10 year guarantee by Samsonite on defects in workmanship or materials


Luggage may be a bit large for many travelers

Does not come with a four-wheel option

Single piece of luggage, not available as a set

6. Maximum Allowance Airline Approved Carry-on Suitcase

Not all luggage that is advertised as being for carrying on to an airplane will meet the criteria set by individual airlines. But, this bag meets the current criteria for Southwest, Delta, and United. And, it has a 40 liter capacity with a weight of 4.62 pounds.

In short, this is an ideal carry-on solution for someone who wants lightweight luggage that meets airline criteria and still provides plenty of room for what you need to carry on the plane.

Aerolite is a brand that is well known for being ultra-lightweight but very durable. This is reflected in the fact that they offer a 5 year guarantee.

Besides being light to carry, this is an easy carry-on to roll around the airport or anyplace that your travels take you, including rough and uneven ground.

When you need security as well as durability and low weight, this one offers a combination padlock (three digits) that is easy to open for inspections and safe from intrusion when you are on the go.

Because this carry-on design is OK with Virgin Atlantic Airways, JetBlue Airways, United, American, Southwest, and Delta, you will pass through check in without any hassle.


Ultra lightweight with ample room for your belongings

Secure combination lock

Durable and quite maneuverable

5 Year Guarantee


Does not come as a set

Only comes in black or white

Not available with two wheels

7. IT Luggage 21.8” 2 Wheel Carry On

The manufacturer advertised this luggage as the lightest carry-on luggage in the world. At 3.8 lbs, this two-wheel carry-on may well be. It measures 21.8 by 14.2 by 7.3 inches, which gives you ample room to pack your necessary items. It features a soft and wide grip for its non-locking handle.

Its polyester lining cleans up nicely. And, it comes at an attractive price. This luggage has a fiberglass frame which helps reduce its weight and lightweight but durable tensile fabric to bring it to the lightest-carry-on-in-the-world class.

You can get this lightweight carry-on as an individual piece or choose the 29.6 or 37.2 inch models. And, this excellent lightweight luggage is available as an ensemble.

The manufacturer also makes a lightweight luggage group with four dual wheels (eight wheels) if you like the convenience of four (or eight) wheels for a carry-on spinner

The pair of large zip pockets gives you easy places to stash your travel documents, reading material, and whatever you need ready access to while traveling. And, it comes with a complete 10 year guarantee.


Extremely lightweight carry luggage

Available as a group of three

10 year guarantee


Fiberglass frame may give you less strength than you desire

This model only comes with two wheels

Handle does not lock

8. Lucas Ultra Lightweight Carry-on Luggage

This is attractive expandable, lightweight luggage for taking on the plane at an attractive price. With an ergonomic handle, you will be able to maneuver without problems wherever you travel.

With eight spinner wheels, this luggage moves smoothly in any direction. The spinner wheels are positioned for maximum stability and its case platform is designed for strength.

This item comes with a trusted companion promise and limited 5 year guarantee. This means that they will fix any defects in materials or workmanship or replace the luggage if needed. At 22.8 by 14 by 9 inches this compact and lightweight carry-on spinner is ideal for carrying your necessary items with you.

The Lucas is made with a tough polyester fabric that lasts and last and its push-button, telescoping handle is designed for convenient use in crowded airports or city streets.

With 36 liters of interior packing space, this is an excellent carryon a great price. It weighs only 5.8 lbs and can be expanded by 4 liters. If you want a light, excellent bag at the best price, take a look at this one.


Tough, easy-to-maneuver carryon

5 year limited guarantee

Eight spinner wheels for smooth rolling


Not available as a group

Not available with two wheels

May not meet some airline carryon requirements

9. Briggs & Riley Transcend Spinner Luggage

If you are looking for lightweight medium-sized bags, look no farther. With propriety two-tone nylon twill as the outer fabric, this is an extremely wear-resistant bag that shakes off dirt and moisture and cleans easily. Its expansion system gives you two and a half more inches of packing space if you need it.

On top of its tough nylon exterior, it has Permasquare protection over abrasion-prone areas as well. It is durable, flexible, and retains its shape well. For wrinkle-free flat packing and superior inside capacity, its outsider retractable handle is ideal.

This is only the medium version of an some of the best low weight luggage available but works exceptionally well as a single, checkable bag for trips of up to a week. It has zippered compartments on the exterior for easy access to travel essentials like your boarding pass or a book to read on a long flight.

With top and side handles of neoprene, you get a comfortable grip. It has “V groove” handle tubes that are unlikely to jam.


Lightweight and wear resistant

Easily expandable

Non-jam, “V groove” handle tubes


Manufacturer does not mention a warranty

No two-wheel option available

Expansion option may defeat the lightweight feature

10. Lucas Designer Luggage Collection

This is a nice three-piece luggage set. The individual suitcases each have eight wheels, are expandable, move easily in all directions, and are extremely lightweight. Each of the pieces of this set are also quite stable with wide-based wheels and a unique, extra-strength lower platform.

Its polyester interior lining is stain resistant and easy to clean. The trusted companion promise of this manufacturer and their limited 5 year guarantee that they will repair or replace the luggage in case of any material or workmanship defects.

For comparison purposes, here are the weights and dimensions of each of the three luggage items.

Carryon: 22.8 by 14 by 10.2 inches and 5.8 lbs, to fit easily into overhead bins

Medium: 26.6 by 16 by 11 and 6.6 lbs and a popular single choice

Large: 30 by 18 X by inches and 7.2 lbs for taking your complete wardrobe if necessary


Very mobile, lightweight luggage set

Expandable for flexible packing

5 year limited guarantee


Four-wheel design may not work well on rough surfaces

No guaranteewhen easily damaged in baggage handlers

Soft-sided and thus more prone to being damaged

11. Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Carry-on 21″

If you want the benefits of a lightweight carryon with a hard polycarbonate shell that is nevertheless expandable, this is an excellent choice. It will satisfy the carryon requirements of virtually any airline.

With four spinner wheels, this carryon is easy to navigate in crowded airports and on crowded streets. The extension handle has stops at both 42.5 and 38 inches and features a contour grip with rubberized touchpoints (patented). The bottom tray is uniquely designed and very durable.

It has an extremely durable and damage-resistant polycarbonate shell with a pair of exterior pockets and an interior lid pocket that runs the full length. Its hold-down straps allow you to keep things secure once you use the expansion feature. The side pocket is great for accessories and keeping your travel documents safe.

Its limited lifetime warranty covers damage from carriers for the first year and defects in materials and workmanship after that. At 23 by 14.5 by 9 inches this lightweight carryon is a bit on the large size.


Combination of a hard polycarbonate shell and expandability

Guarantee covers damage from baggage handlers for first year

Handy side pocket for travel documents


A bit on the large size for a carryon

Does not come with a 2-wheel option for rough surfaces

Damage part of guarantee limited to one year

12. Osprey Ozone Wheeled Carry-on 42L/21.5″

For one of the lightest of lightweight bags for fitting in the overhead compartment on your flight, look at this luggage. The 14 inch longest dimension is OK for most carriers and it is comfortable to carry with padded handles on the side and top.

It comes with a handy tuck-away tow strap so that you can attach to or pull another piece of luggage! The side-opening compartment make packing easy and it features a pocket on the back panel for wet and dirty clothes.

This vinyl luggage is extremely durable to the point where Osprey will fix any defect or damage on any model that they have sold for the last 45 years or they will replace it! This bag is perfect for use on a plane, train or carrying with you. In fact, some use it instead of a a backpack!

Its 2-wheel design is excellent for even the most rugged surfaces and the comfortable padded handles make it easy to carry when rolling it is not an option. Use the internal compression straps to secure your items once they are packed.

It comes in black or blue colors and measures 22 by 14 by 9 inches. At 4.67 lbs, it is one of the lightest of the lightweight carryons that we have seen.


Extremely lightweight carry-on

Rugged and easy to move over rough surfaces

True lifetime warranty on any defects or damage


Does not come in a 4-wheel spinner option

Limited to two colors

Individual item and not part of a set

13. Lipault Original Plume Spinner Carry-On Rolling Bag for Women

This 5-pound carry-on weighs in a 5 lbs. Its four spinner wheels make it easy move through crowds or across even moderately rough surfaces. For a lightweight bag, it can carry enough to get you through a few days of even a week of travel without needing any checked luggage.

The main compartment has both a zipped lateral pocket and an interior cover pocket that runs full length. It has straps to secure things once you are packed. And, you get a front pocket (also zippered) for handy access to things while traveling and not having to open the case.

You get your choice of side and top carrying handles and an extension handle with four stages. At 20.6 by 13.2 by 7.9 inches this carry-on satisfies most airline requirements. It even includes a lock and luggage tag for your name, email address, and physical address. And its PVC reinforced nylon material with a polyester interior is very durable.


Lock and luggage tag included

Two carrying handles plus a 4-stage extension handle

Very lightweight at 5 lbs

3-year guarantee


4-wheel design may not do well on rough surfaces

Soft sided carryon may not be as durable as a hard sided model

Individual item, not part of a collection


We hope that this information is useful to you in finding the right lightweight bag to make your travel more relaxing, fun, and worry-free.

If there seems to have been a lot of information, take a look again at our general suggestions for finding and choosing the sort of lightweight bag that fits your needs.

Whether you are looking for a carryon, backpack, or a full compliment, compare weights first and then look at material, brand, durability and extra features such as easy handling, if it is expandable, colors, locks, and handy compartments for holding items that you need when traveling and don’t want to open the carryon one more time.

Whichever affordable model and brand you choose on your budget, good luck and happy traveling.


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