Business Blog Section

Even if you don’t own a business or consider yourself a business person, if you have a job and derive an income you are a business, and this applies to you. We are each our own self-contained businesses whether we like the idea or not. Those that are unwilling to treat their career as a business may find themselves miserable and stuck in a role that doesn’t suit them.
I break the general section of business down to three sub-categories that I feel make up the whole picture. From time to time you may see a post tagged with one of these because it is more specific to that category.

Success & Failure: Each of us have success in our lives and even the most successful person has some failure. In fact, I would say that if you have not had a failure recently then you haven’t been trying hard enough. Failure is not permanent and if you can get back up it is not something to be feared.  Failure is a powerful tool to learn from and to drive intrinsic motivation, because when you overcome failure success is so much sweeter!

Food & Water: The human body like every animal has a need for both food and water for survival, so I want you to think about the survival and growth of your personal business.  If you are stranded with no access to drinkable water, you can live only a matter of days.  However, a person may be able to live for 3 weeks without food.  In your business or career, what is your source of water that you need for survival or you will die quickly?

Once you know that you should be able to focus most of your efforts on ensuring your career is well hydrated.  Second, think about what your career food is.  What will sustain it and help it grow bigger and stronger but is not your daily focus?  Identify the tools for survival and growth.

Roll the Dice: At some point in every business or career, if you want to achieve your goals you must roll the dice at some point.  There will most certainly be a situation where you don’t have all the information, but you must still make a decision that make take things to the next level.  If you have spent no time considering that possibility, when the time comes you may not act or may not even recognize the opportunity.  Think about that situation now so when it comes around you whether to roll the dice or leave the table.