Best Tours in Barcelona – Local Travel Guide

Best Tours in Barcelona - Barcelona Travel Guide

  • By Anthony Dominguez
  • Last Update: August 10, 2020

If you’ve ever wanted to visit a fine and cultured Mediterranean city, there’s no better place than Barcelona. It’s the only city on the planet to receive a Royal Gold Medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects. Read on to find out more about the best tours Barcelona has to offer.

Best Tours in Barcelona

Here is a handpicked list of 14 great tours you can use to make the most of your time on any trips to Barcelona. We’ve included tours on foot, by boat, by bus, by helicopter, and by bicycle, as well as tours featuring special experiences. You’ll be sure to find one that suits you, and all the details are provided below.

Hop-on Hop-off Barcelona Tour

Bus tours are a great way to explore the city whilst on the move, and this one lets you stop off at a whole list of carefully placed bus stops that cover all the major attractions in the city, such as the Sagrada Familia cathedral and the Casa Batlló house.

If you’d like to skim the surface, you can take the whole tour in one go, but if somewhere in particular appeals to you then you can depart the bus and explore it up close and personal. That’s because, with a single ticket, you can step on and off the bus as many times as you want.

You can even make plans to see several places over a day thanks to a free map handed to you upon boarding. The convenience of the bus route makes sure you’ll always be able to get back to your room after a long day out in the city.

And if you don’t understand something, the audio commentary will help you make sense of it all. Plus when you’re on the bus you’ll be able to use free Wi-Fi, and receive a complimentary discount booklet for use in a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and monuments. The buses run daily from 9 am to 7 pm every 5-25 minutes.

Skip the Line: Park Guell and La Sagrada Família Guided Tour

With this tour, you can experience two masterpieces of the famous Catalonian architect Antoni Gaudí, who also designed Casa Batlló. For the tour, you’ll be with an expert guide in a small group of no more than 12 to learn about the history of La Sagrada Família cathedral and take in the natural beauty of the Park Guell collection of gardens and small parks.

These command enormous numbers of visitors throughout the year, and sometimes the queues can take hours to get through. But with this Skip the Line tour, that won’t be a problem. You’ll be fast-tracked, thanks to your booking. And with a 4-hour program, you’ll get just as much value for money as if you walked around yourself, whilst having pre-arranged private transport between the two venues.

This means you won’t need to worry about getting lost or taking up time to find the venue. The whole tour will be in English, so there won’t be any need to wait to hear your language, and by capping the group at 12, you’ll get more time to ask the guide questions and find out everything there is to know about Antoni Gaudí, Sagrada Família, and Park Guell.

Camp Nou Experience: F.C. Barcelona Museum and Tour

If you’re a fan of football, then you’ll want to take a tour of the Barcelona Football Club Museum and the Camp Nou Stadium, home of the club. This stadium is also the largest in Spain and Europe and the 3rd largest in the world. There’s also a special area dedicated to Lionel Messi, widely regarded as one of the best football players of all time, who has been based at Barcelona F.C. for his whole career.

You’ll also get to feel the experience of walking through the tunnel and on to the pitch, whilst also being granted access to the most iconic parts of the stadium, including the dressing room and press box. Getting to look at the trophies in person is another perk you’ll get on this walking tour.

This makes it a great way to explore football behind the scenes. You’ll also have a tour guide to walk you through the most important events in the history of the club and the stadium. Because the museum can become so easily crowded as a result of its popularity, the best way to get the most out of this tour is to visit at 3 pm.

360º SkyWalk: Land, Sea & Air

This is an all-in-one tour that lets you enjoy the landmarks of Barcelona in three different ways. A walking tour of the Gothic Quarter and the Jewish Quarter, accompanied by a tour guide who will take you to see the Church of Saint Philip Neri, a hidden gem for tourists, and then onwards to see the Town Hall and the Palace of the Generalitat de Catalunya, where the regional government is based.

Then, you’ll walk through La Rambla, a street lined with trees, before passing the La Boqueria Market and boarding a boat. You’ll then sail along the coastline taking in beautiful views of the city skyline. Afterward, you’ll be transferred to the heliport for your helicopter ride, and you’ll see the statue of Christopher Columbus en route.

Once up in the air, you can catch a glimpse of the Olympic Village, Port Vell, and much more. This comprehensive tour of Barcelona usually takes place in the morning as part of a small group. It will take between 5-6 hours, and don’t forget you’ll need to show ID to board the helicopter.

Barcelona Tapas Tour in El Raval

For those of you who get excited by the thought of trying out some exotic food, this 3.5-hour eating experience will be right up your street. It will take place in the cultural hotspot of El Raval, which was once a no-go area, but has been rejuvenated in recent years and is now packed with places to go.

A tour guide will accompany you for an evening of tapas and wine, one of the most popular activities of Barcelona residents. You’ll receive 4 glasses of wine and 4 plates of tapas at 4 venues. That means you’ll have lots of tapas and wine to try out because every tapas and wine dish has been carefully chosen for this tour.

You’ll work your way through ancient winding streets as you move from venue to venue, and stop to look at various landmarks and cultural attractions. As part of your night out, you may even find yourself chatting with the locals. Every time this tour happens, it’s a little bit different.

But some of the fixed parts involve wine-tasting with ham and cheese and having a traditional Spanish omelet. It will begin at 5.30 pm outside the Art Centre Santa Monica. You’ll want to make sure you bring a good pair of walking shoes for this tour too.

Spanish Civil War Tour

To get a more serious understanding of Barcelona’s place in Spain and the world, there’s nothing more suitable than a tour all about history. With an expert guide on hand to teach you everything you need to know, you’ll come away feeling informed about topics like anarchism, the international brigades, George Orwell’s account of the events, daily life, and the reality of the bombings.

Put briefly, there was a revolution in July 1936 that wasn’t resolved until April 1939. It became a pivotal moment in Spanish history, and Barcelona was at the heart of it. On this walking tour, you’ll have the chance to see hidden symbols on the walls of the city and stop at two bars to reflect and buy some drinks and light refreshments.

The tour runs throughout the week on most days and you should set aside around 2 hours for it. The Civil War has left its mark on the city, and it’s still a topic of discussion among the locals even today, so when you learn about it you’ll form a deeper connection with Spanish culture and society.

Flamenco Show at City Hall Theater

If you’re looking for some entertainment during your stay, then the best option is to experience the musical heritage of Spain with a flamenco show. The show at City Hall is widely known as one of the best available in Barcelona. It features a whole hour packed with dance, singing, and guitar.

The heart and soul of flamenco are transmitted from the performers to you in a live performance. Elite flamenco artists who are some of the best in the industry have come together to offer this show on a vintage preserved stage, complete with Victorian lightbulbs and a velvet curtain.

Every aspect of the show has been choreographed to perfection, so you’ll be sure to receive an authentic and powerful performance. There are three shows every single day of the week, beginning at 6 pm, 7.30 pm, and 9.30 pm.

You’ll also be able to purchase souvenirs from the flamenco shop, and if you’d like to fit the show in around a meal, you can get a special deal with the nearby restaurant Cullera de Boix either 90 minutes before the show or immediately after.

Photo Bike Tour Barcelona

The quickest and most efficient way to document your trip is by taking photographs on a half-day tour with an electric bike. The electric engine takes away a lot of the peddling effort so that you can focus on sightseeing and capturing memorable moments, whilst its portable size means it can reach many Barcelona tour attractions that larger vehicles like buses and vans simply cannot get to.

As part of the tour, you can get as many professional photographs as you like, taken along the way from any of the best viewpoints. This tour is also tailor-made, so you can choose the places you’d like to visit during the half-day tour. To help you make good decisions, a PDF of recommendations is also provided when you purchase this tour.

You’ll be in a small group of no more than 8 people so that the experience is as individual as possible. It is also a guided tour which means you’ll be able to learn about the places you visit as well as exploring them. And as a small treat, each tour includes a free meal and drink at a tapas restaurant when you’ve finished.

Barcelona Skyline and Beaches Boat Tour

If you’d prefer tours in Barcelona that don’t involve the hustle and bustle of the streets, then you can get away from it all using a boat. This tour is run by a company called Las Golondrinas, which means The Swallows, and it allows you to observe the harbor and coastline of Barcelona without all the noise of the city.

You can relax as you feel the cool sea breeze and watch the land steadily drift by in front of you, and you can use the opportunity to take some special photographs. It will take 90 minutes and begins by leaving from Port i Litoral and traveling into the open sea.

You’ll pass by famous places including the Olympic Village and the Olympic Port, along with some stunning beaches including Nova Icària, Bogatell, and Mar Bella. The catamarans used for the tour have a lower deck for buying drinks, and a glass floor which lets you see through into the sea for a magical experience you won’t forget.

As you gently cruise through the water, you’ll also be able to see some great views of the Barcelona skyline thanks to the top deck having no roof, but remember to wear sun protection if you’re taking the tour in the summer.

Palau de la Música Guided Tour

If something more musical is to your liking, but the flamenco show doesn’t appeal, then there’s also the option of a guided tour of the Palace of Catalan Music, a feast for the eyes. Architectural splendor awaits as you enter this magnificent structure, and an expert tour guide will talk you through everything you need to know.

Mosaics, sculptures, stained glass, and ironwork are all to be found inside the Palace. It is such an important structure that UNESCO has designated it as a world heritage site. It is designed in the modernist style and was opened more than 100 years ago.

One of Barcelona’s most important architects at the time, Lluís Domènech i Montaner, was responsible for its unique and valuable appearance. It was then modernized in the 1980s, but still retains much of its classic charms. This is worth exploring, but if you want to be sure of having a chance to do so, be aware that you can only get guided tours, and they sell out fast.

Picasso Walking Tour & Picasso Museum of Barcelona

Pablo Picasso remains one of the world’s most famous artists, and he lived and worked in the city of Barcelona. The tour is guided, and you’ll be told many anecdotes about the life and times of Picasso. The tour also involves visits to some of Picasso’s favorite locations, such as Els Quatre Gats Café and Carrer Avinyó.

You’ll also get to see his first studio. There is a museum dedicated to Picasso that contains more than 4000 of his works, meaning they’ll be plenty for you to see during the tour. You will be taken to the museum after the tour has finished, and you will be able to spend as much time here as you like.

That’s because the entrance fee is included in the price of the tour. Groups in the tour are kept to a size of 8 or less so that the experience is more personal for both you and the guide. It runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 3 pm for approximately 2 hours, and you’re required to arrive 15 minutes early for a briefing before the start of the tour.

6 Minute Helicopter Flight Over Barcelona’s Coastline

For those moments when you’d like to go on a quick adventure without taking up hours of your time walking around or sailing, this whirlwind helicopter tour could be exactly what you’re looking for. It is called The Costa Tour, and it gives you the chance to get an aerial view of Barcelona.

You’ll see a large number of important landmarks including the World Trade Centre, the Maremagnum shopping mall, and the Statue of Columbus. This is one of the most eyecatching tours in Barcelona, simply as a result of the amount that it allows you to see in such a short period.

All of the flights for this tour are scheduled with the weather in mind, and you’ll be able to take your pick of either a morning slot or an afternoon slot. One day before your flight, you’ll receive details of the specific departure time. And for those with a taste for more, there are longer helicopter tours too, like the 12-minute Sky Tour and the 40-minute Montserrat tour.

Paella Cooking Experience with Boqueria Market Tour

When you don’t just want to eat food, but make food yourself, it can be difficult to do it anywhere else than in your kitchen. But this tour was created with just that in mind, and now you can practice your paella-making skills in the famous La Boqueria market. This cooking experience is certainly one of the tastier tours of Barcelona available.

You won’t be left on your own as you’ll be cooking in a private school with your very own personal chef. All of the equipment and ingredients will be right there ready for you to get started, including cooking aprons. They are public classes, so the number of people cooking with you may vary, but they give you a unique opportunity to create classic Spanish dishes like Seafood Paella.

The tour also includes a visit to La Boqueria, the well-known public market, before the cooking. This event can be booked at 1 pm or 6 pm every day, and it will take between 2.5-3 hours. Once you learn how to cook Paella, you’ll be able to practice at home and keep a little piece of Barcelona with you.

Old Town and Gothic Quarter Walking Tour

For a dive into ancient history, there is no better tour of Barcelona than one that takes you through the Old Town and the Gothic Quarter. The history of Barcelona stretches back thousands of years to Roman times. These parts of the city include medieval monuments like the Plaça del Rei, a public square.

You’ll have a dedicated guide on Barcelona tours like this, and they will be able to tell you the stories that you can’t see just by looking. You’ll explore some of the Christian features, like Barcelona Cathedral and Santa Maria del Mar. You’ll also be able to walk along La Ramblas, a lively and entertaining street that often has street performers, and continue into La Boqueria marketplace.

Barcelona tours on foot like this one allow you to feel like a local, walking the same streets and visiting the same places as they do in their everyday lives. The tour will be as part of a group with no more than 12 people and will last for around 2.5 hours.


This guide to 14 Barcelona tours should give you all the information you need to explore the city to your satisfaction. Whether you’re interested in art, history, music, architecture, food, beaches, or landmarks, you’ll find a tour that suits you. All of these Barcelona tours have been established for a long time and have received a lot of positive feedback. So whenever you’re thinking about Barcelona tours, rest assured that this list is here to help you make the right choice.


Out of all the different bus routes and tours available throughout the city, the best one would have to be the Hop-On Hop-Off tour I mentioned at the start of this article. It is flexible by allowing you to step on and off at a wide range of bus stops spread across the city. It is an open-top bus so you’ll get some fantastic views whilst you travel. The buses run frequently for most of the day. Plus the audio commentary and free Wi-Fi means you can get an education and do further research all whilst you’re on the move. This makes it an unbeatable bus tour and thus the best in Barcelona.

The main things that the city of Barcelona is known for are its stunning architecture like the Sagrada Familia cathedral and Palau de la Música, famous football heritage thanks to Barcelona F.C. and Lionel Messi, and beautiful beaches like Bogatell and Mar Bella. It also has unique food offerings with an assortment of tapas dishes. And a large number of bars and performance venues provide you with late-night entertainment and celebrations.

You can purchase the tickets online and present them to the driver of any of the signature red buses when you’re boarding anywhere in the city. You can get them from a wide variety of websites, such as here and here.

Things to do in Barcelona with Kids in 2020

Guide to Visit Barcelona with Kids in 2020

  • By Anthony Dominguez
  • Last Update: August 10, 2020

Planning on taking your family to a grandiose vacation in Barcelona? What’s stopping you? If money is your reason, we can help you get the most of your trip without breaking the bank. 

Barcelona is one of the major global cities and one of the world’s leading tourist and cultural centers. Undeniably, it has a lot to offer to the millions of tourists who come to visit it every year. It is such a beautiful metropolis dotted with art, architecture, and notable landmarks. Apart from its many recreational areas, the city has some of the best beaches in the world.

Words are not enough to describe how beautiful the city is. You need to visit it. If you plan to visit Barcelona with kids, we will help you find the best places to visit, dine, and stay.

Tips to Visit Barcelona with Kids

Some visit the city on a short day trip for one reason or another. While a day trip allows you to visit several places around the city, you won’t be able to cover all the beautiful kid-friendly attractions and recreational places in such a short period of time. We recommend that you spend at least three days in Barcelona and visit the places we listed in this guide.

Apart from spending several days in Barcelona, here are some important tips that can help make your trip less daunting and more fun for you and the kids:

Plan Your Daily Itinerary but Be More Flexible

It’s good to plan in advance where you want to go. However, be a bit more flexible with your schedule. You will have limited flexibility if you join a group tour but if you are exploring on your own, you can space out the different activities so that your kids will have extra time to enjoy and rest before you jump off to your next destination.

Help your Kids Adjust to the Local Time

Spaniards eat late which means dinner time is typically later than 8 PM and the city remains vibrant until midnight. If your kids can adjust to the local time, it means that you can enjoy the city like the locals do.

Take a Taxi

Elevators are hard to find in the subway. And unless you find one, your trip will involve a lot of going up and down the stairs. It gets a bit challenging if you have small kids and also carry strollers and bags. You can do yourself a favor by taking a taxi.

Be Prepared to Walk a Lot

Make sure to bring a durable light stroller on your visit as you will be walking a lot. You don’t want those tiny feet to get tired.

Book your Tour Tickets in Advance

You want to avoid long lines at the gate especially if you have anxious small kids. We recommend that you check the schedules of the attractions you wish to visit and book your tickets in advance.  That will save you time lining up.

Take Advantage of Transport Passes

You can save time and money if you get a transport pass. One option is the Barcelona tourist travel pass, a multi-day travel card that you can use to travel on all public transportation in the city for 2, 3, 4, or 5 days. This card is available online or at any tourist information spot at the airport.

Another choice is the Barcelona Card that gives you a free ride on the RENFE train from the airport to the center of the city. This card comes with free unlimited rides on the Barcelona Metro, tram and buses. In addition, it gives you either a discounted or free entry into many of the city’s top attractions.

Things to do in Barcelona With Kids

Here’s where it gets exciting! These are some of our favorite attractions in the city.

La Rambla

Also known as Las Ramblas, it starts in the epicenter of the city, the Catalonia Square, and stretches approximately 1.3 kilometers, marking the limit between the Gothic Quarter and El Raval. La Rambla is no ordinary street. It is one of the city’s popular landmarks featuring human statue art, live performances, and artists.

And you will find cafes, bookstalls and candy stores in almost every corner.  When you are at La Rambla, you might as well do a side trip to Barcelona’s cathedral which is located a few blocks away. ThePlaça Sant Jaume which houses the main Government Building and the City Hall is just nearby.

Sagrada Familia

Whether you are a religious person or not, The Sagrada Família is a truly exceptional temple worth visiting. Considered as a masterpiece of the genius architect Antoni Gaudí, both the exterior and interior of this church are a work of art. The best time to go to this attraction is late afternoon.

The view of the sun’s rays reflecting through the stained glass windows is just stunning during the golden hour.  Thousands of tourists flock The Sagrada Familia daily. You can skip the long lines if you pre-book your ticket. 

Ciutadella Park

Parc de la Ciutadella is a green oasis in the midst of the city. This 44-acre park has a beautiful fountain, a museum, sculptures, and a small lake where you can take a boat ride and relax. There’s also a wide grass-covered area where kids can run around while you sit and enjoy the view.

The Barcelona Zoo is in fact housed inside this park. With numerous attractions inside the park, a short trip to Ciutadella Park will make your vacation more memorable.

Since the park is one of the prominent attractions in the city, it’s a good idea to know that its entrance is close to the metro and the Rodalies Barcelona commuter train station at Arc de Triomf. And it is just several meters away from the central bus station Estació del Nord.

Barcelona Zoo

Located inside the picturesque Ciutadella Park, the Barcelona Zoo is another place worth visiting. Home to more than 2,000 animals from 300 different species, a visit to this zoo can easily become a perfect family day out. Apart from being fun, your kids will also enjoy a unique learning experience through their educational programs focusing on the understanding of wildlife.

At the zoo, kids will discover how mandrills and the world’s smallest monkeys live. They will also have a chance to watch a dolphin show and get up close and pet farm animals. They can ride in ponies, too. Plus there is this large children’s park where they can play.

Chocolate Museum

Rarely do we know of kids who don’t like chocolates. And a trip to Barcelona with kids will not be complete if you haven’t been to the Chocolate Museum. No other museum in the city will tickle your sense of smell and taste than would this museum. That’s why we consider visiting this place one of the top things to do in Barcelona for kids.

The museum offers different programs that allow kids to understand the history of chocolate as well as the different phases in chocolate production. They organize different workshops as well as seasonal courses and competitions for kids and adults. And yes, they give a piece of free chocolate at the entrance.

Park Guell

Another kid-friendly attraction that you need to visit while in Barcelona is the Park Guell. A lush oasis outside of the city center, this park offers a colorful and unique architecture that allows for fun exploration for adults and kids alike.

The park was originally built as part of a commercial housing site but was later converted into a public park system. The park has a main terrace that is surrounded by a long bench in the design of a sea serpent.

It has a social and friendly atmosphere where parents get to sit, chat, and relax while the kids can run around or explore numerous games.

Hop-on/Hop-off Bus

All those walking and exploring can wear you and your kids down. But if your time is limited, you can’t afford to spend an entire day in your hotel room.  That is where you can benefit from a Hop-on/Hop-off bus, Barcelona´s official tourist bus.

They have two major routes, the EAST and WEST routes, both of which traverse popular landmarks and attractions including the Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudi´s buildings, the stadium of FC Barcelona, and many more. You can either explore the city at your own pace or get a ticket for their approximately 2-hour tour. 

Picasso Museum

Thanks to Picasso’s father, who was an artist himself, he recognized his son’s genius at an early age, so he saved every piece of art he made. His father was able to catalog his artistic growth from his formative years to adulthood for us to see and appreciate.

There are about 4,200 works of art at the museum, ranging from pencil and ink sketches to oil paintings. As arts promote creativity and imagination, it’s a good idea to take your kids to the Picasso Museum.

Montserrat Mountain

Montserrat is a national park located about 45 kilometers away from the city. What makes it worth visiting despite the fact that it is about one hour by train from the city center is its spectacular mountain views in Catalunya. Aside from its religious importance, this mountain boasts of breathtaking views.

You will enjoy walking through the mountains where you will see many unusual rock formations and will also have a glimpse of the amazing Catalonian countryside.

The monastery itself, parts of which are carved into the rock is a fascinating sight. You will be in awe at its unique structure and setting. Your little ones will not be bored as they have plenty of areas to run around especially in the forecourt. 

Another highlight of your visit to the Montserrat Mountain is to listen to the famous Monastery choir boys for free.

CosmoCaixa Science Museum

Another exciting destination for kids in Barcelona is the CosmoCaixa Science Museum. This place is a sure winner when it comes to feeding kids’ interest in Biology, Science, and the universe. There are many exciting exhibitions at the museum including “The Flooded Forest” which is a stunning recreation of the Amazon ecosystem.

Other popular exhibits include the Universe room, the Planetarium, the Geological wall, and much more. In addition, they offer various interactive activities that kids and young people will enjoy.

Barca Football

FC Barcelona or colloquially known as Barca is considered the 4th most valuable sports team in the world. If you are a football fanatic, you probably already know them. Do you know that this popular team is based in Barcelona?

A visit to Camp Nou, the home stadium of the team allows you to experience an interactive tour that includes getting up close to the players and their training grounds, having access to exclusive images, historical goal records, playing games, and more.

L'aquarium Barcelona

A tour of L’Aquàrium Barcelona can be an exciting and fun-filled experience for kids. The highlight of this attraction is their moving walkway amidst the vast oceanarium where you have to pass an 80-meter long underwater glass tunnel.

No words can describe the magnificent beauty of the underwater where you can see sharks, giant rays, sunfish, and other species of sea creatures within your reach. It’s not going to be a boring tour for your little travelers.

Barcelona Beaches

If you will ask kids what their favorite activities are, the majority would probably include going to the beach. Where else can they make sandcastles, splash around in the water, or swim… Fortunately, Barcelona is known for its beautiful beaches. And you don’t have to travel far to reach the closest beach as they are just minutes away from the city.

Virtual Tour of Gaudi Architecture

If you are specifically interested in Gaudi Architecture, you may take advantage of the virtual guided tour. It’s not virtual reality but a licensed guide led webinar that features videos, photos, polls, and a fully interactive chat function as well as a live Q&A at the end of the tour. 

Gaudi was an architect extraordinaire. Hated by Picasso and loved by Dali, he had a vision of transforming Barcelona into a city of art and beauty. With the Virtual Tour, you’ll be able to explore his creative masterpieces such as the Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlló.

Where to Eat With Kids?


Not far from the Sagrada Familia, you’ll easily notice the inviting facade of Cocoa, a popular restaurant for the locals and tourists. What makes this place unique is that they have an entire second floor for families or those who are dining with kids. Their set-up will not disappoint you.

They have tables for kids and adults and a play area for kids complete with toys, books, and other entertainment for children. 

The food selections are also amazing. They have a separate menu for children and the serving is just the right amount. 

We highly recommend Cocoa for those who travel with kids as they offer a more friendly and accommodating dining experience.


If you often crave for delicious vegan, vegetarian and organic food, head to Sopa Barcelona. This restaurant specializes in hearty soups with the colors of summer and cold winter. You will always find healthy vegetarian dishes on their menu during weekdays.

If you visit on a weekend, you can expect to find the organic egg in many of their dishes, accompanied by their signature soup. For your kids, try to order pasta and a vegan burger, which are a hit. It’s worth mentioning that they have a good selection of gluten-free dishes.


Want a place where you can enjoy some good burgers, patatas bravas, and cold beers after a long walk? Konig is a good place to visit. It is one of the best places to go if you want a budget meal. But if you have small kids, you may reconsider eating here during peak hours as it is usually crowded with locals and tourists.


This is a quaint corner in Barcelona. The atmosphere is more like a village plaza where locals gather and drink beer or coffee while the children are busy playing on the ground.

The neighborhood is charming and the locals are very friendly. There are several restaurants here that offer good food. In one of the corners, there’s Tips de Vi which offers a generous selection of wines from Catalunya.


Pudding is not your typical coffee shop frequented by young professionals or office workers. Their concept is unique which makes for an ideal coffee shop for parents with small kids. Aside from their dining area, they have this gigantic blackboard where kids can draw on, play darts, or write messages.

Moreover, they feature a colossal play table and many books to share. And all these extras for kids are free. So while your children are busy playing, you can relax and sip your cup of coffee.

Bar Convent

When you happen to be in Barri Gotic, check out Bar Convent as your kids will surely enjoy this place. They have a huge backyard and a nice indoor playground where they can be just kids. This place has a good selection of cakes, empanadas, sandwiches, teas, beers, and smoothies. Their prices are affordable as well. And they have free WiFi.

Where to Stay in Barcelona with Kids

Casa Camper Hotel Barcelona

Want to stay near the beach? Want a babysitting service? If you say yes to both questions, the Casa Camper Hotel Barcelona might be the best place where your family can stay. Aside from being close to the beach, it is just minutes away by foot from popular destinations.

The Las Ramblas is just a 2-minute walk, while the Barcelona Zoo is less than a 30-minute walk away. Other nearby attractions include the Picasso Museum. Port Vell and Casa Mila.

Aside from its great location, this hotel also offers childcare services for an affordable price. Moreover, it is close to the metro station, allowing you to conveniently take the train if you wish to go farther.

Hotel Pullman Barcelona Skipper

The Pullman Barcelona Skipper is a 5-star luxury hotel located next to Barcelona’s Olympic Port. It has a spectacular view of the beach which is just 100 meters away and is located near popular attractions including the Ciutadella Park and the Barcelona Zoo. As an added bonus, it is just two stops away from the historic city center.

If you love going swimming, you can either go to the beach or use either of its two indoor swimming pools. Moreover, to make your stay even more comfortable and convenient, they offer special services such as babysitting on request, restaurant with a kids menu, and other amenities. Pets are welcome on request.

Nobu Hotel Barcelona

Want to have a bit of privacy while traveling with your kids in Barcelona? The Nobu Hotel Barcelona might be a good choice as they offer a range of family-friendly interconnecting rooms. You get both privacy and easy access to your kid’s bedroom.

Another reason to stay in this hotel is their great location as it offers panoramic views of the beach and the city. Not only that, but it is also near the charming neighborhood Eixample which is packed with bars, restaurants, and stylish boutiques that you can explore.

Many points of interest and attractions in the city are just within 10 to 20 minutes by car.

Ella Guest House Barcelona

If you prefer a quiet neighborhood with convenient access to the metro lines, we recommend booking at Ella Guest House Barcelona. It is close to the three metro lines, and the closest is the Tetuan Metro Station which is just 300 meters away.

Moreover, the Rambla and Plaza Catalunya are just a 10-minute walk away. It’s worth mentioning that they have an exceptionally friendly staff who will make you feel at home.

Hotel Regina Barcelona

Set in a historic 19th-century building, this hotel has a beautiful architecture that includes a stunning art nouveau entrance. They have available rooms for a family with kids, complete with an extra bed and a sitting room.

The best thing about this hotel is that it is just 50 meters from Barcelona’s Plaza Catalunya as well as the Ramblas. The Catalunya Metro and Train Station are just 5 minutes’ walk. Its location allows your family to conveniently visit different locations without having to walk far.

Suites Marina - Abapart

Constructed next to Gaudí’s Sagrada Família church, the Marina Suites is one of the best-selling accommodations in Barcelona due to its strategic location. In addition, just a few meters away is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the beautiful  Modernista Hospital Sant Pau. 

Although it is not a hotel but a series of apartments with modern facilities, they offer exceptional services and convenience that a typical hotel offers. At the same time, you can enjoy more privacy than when you are at a hotel. Each apartment has a total area of 75 square meters, spacious enough for families with multiple kids. 

EuroPark Hotel

Just 600 meters from the central Passeig de Gracia, this 3-star hotel stands high, offering spectacular views of the Sagrada Familia and the beautiful Barcelona skyscraper.

With the charm of a boutique hotel, it offers kid-friendly services at an affordable price. If you stay in this hotel, you have direct access to Barceloneta Beach which your kids will surely love. The Girona Metro Station is just 200 meters away in case you want to tour farther.

Getting Around Barcelona with Kids

Transportation is not a problem when you are in Barcelona as the city offers different types of public transportation as well as tour transport options. Knowing the ticket type that you need depending on your destination helps you conveniently go around the city.

Metro FGC and Tram

Just like in many bustling cities, the fastest way to reach your destination is through metro or tram. Currently, the city has eight metro lines, three urban FGC lines, and two tram lines. The metro has an integrated fare system that enables passengers a free transfer from one means of transportation to another within a limited time. They offer different travel cards and passes.


Barcelona has a fleet of over 1,000 buses that operate on more than 100 routes, connecting the city’s districts and metropolitan areas. Their buses have low floors adapted for people with disabilities and reduced mobility. 

If you are a night owl, you may take advantage of the night-bus service (Nit Bus). These buses are available from 10.40 PM up to 6 AM. They all depart and stop at the Plaça de Catalunya.


The city has 300 km of bike lanes so there’s no reason for you not to try this type of transport. Bike rental for adults and kids are popular in Barcelona so you shouldn’t have any problem finding yours.

Rental fee is typically on a per hour basis and it already includes a helmet. You would often see many tourists cycling along the beach or getting between attractions. 


We mentioned above that riding a taxi is your best choice if you want to avoid going up and down the stairs with your small kids and belongings. It’s true that taxis are a convenient option. However, you may have to reconsider taking a metro instead during traffic hours.

Barcelona has about 11,000 taxis which you can easily identify by their yellow and black livery. There are also special taxi services for passengers with reduced mobility.

Free-ride for kids

Kids under four get a free ride in Barcelona’s public transport. 


Take advantage of day passes, cards and other special offers to help you save on transportation. If you are lucky enough, you’ll be able to get unlimited rides along with free entrance to museums and other attractions.


Gorgeous beaches, magnificent architecture, beautiful arts, kid friendly attractions. These are just some of the reasons why you should make Barcelona your next vacation destination. The metropolis offers many kid and budget-friendly hotels to take care of your lodging. The local foods, beers, and wines -- they are also a must-try!

Parents know the many challenges of traveling with small kids. Getting around a new place can be challenging especially if public transport is limited. Finding a good place to eat with kids menu can sometimes be daunting.

Also, there are attractions that are seemingly off-limits to small children, but you can’t experience these problems in Barcelona. In fact, it is one of the most family-friendly destinations we recommend.


Yes, Barcelona can offer you a spectacular family vacation experience. It is a family-friendly city where you have so much to see and do with your kids. If you are traveling with multiple kids, you don’t have to worry about getting around the city as they have different types of transport systems to suit any family size and need.

You can also find that many of their attractions are girded to entertain both adults and kids. There are also attractions that offer special programs that promote learning and creativity for kids. Finding a restaurant and a hotel where kids can feel comfortable and at home is also easy, with many options available for you to choose from.

Barcelona is generally a safe place, but avoid going to overcrowded places as there are pickpockets to watch out for. If you are tempted to go, beware of your handbag, camera, and phone as they are the common targets.

Also, avoid showing at the gate without booking a ticket in advance. Barcelona is one of the popular tourist destinations so you can expect long lines in major attractions such as the Sagrada Família and Park Güell. You can skip the line if you book in advance.

We also do not recommend eating in La Rambla. It is a highly commercialized area where food is expensive. Since it is almost always packed with people, it’s also difficult to find quality service that you can get at a much cheaper place like the ones we listed above.

We listed several places above where you can book a room in Barcelona. Your options include hotels, apartments, guesthouses, and suites. The best place to stay is where your budget and preferred accommodation is available. One important factor to consider when deciding where to stay is the location.

If you have kids, you don’t want to be too far from the metropolis to give you convenient access to many attractions. If possible, stay just within minutes of walking to major attractions in the city and as close to the metro or tram station if you ever decide to use it as a means of transportation.

3 Days in Barcelona – Travel Itinerary

3 Days in Barcelona - Travel Itinerary

  • By Anthony Dominguez
  • Last Update: August 10, 2020

Barcelona, when said, tastes like amazement, and so it is. Barcelona, when seen, is not enough. This is one city in Spain you can keep visiting for all years of your life to keep finding something you had never experienced before. Because magical cities are not explored in a day, and sometimes, not even in a lifetime.

Most travel guides have listed itineraries such that all major tastes of the city of Barcelona are easy to explore in three days for any traveler paying respects to the wide landmark towards the end of their trip to Spain.

Following an itinerary is especially sound and useful if you have fewer days on hand but more hunger for all the spots the city throbs in.

We have created an exquisite 3 days in Barcelona itinerary for the seeker in you so that you don’t miss anything wonderful in all the time you have in hand.

We Have your Back!

  • We have made a list of important stuff you need to take care of before you land in Barcelona.
  • Our day-by-day itinerary is carefully curated so that you experience the best possible Barcelona for each of the three days with the most magical places to visit, things to experience, and most importantly, to eat the most delicious food ever.
  • We have pondered over your safety, caution, and behavior in the foreign land and figured out a series of tips to follow.
  • The city has more to show than the tourists generally know of, we have listed a series of day trips you’d like to explore if you end up with extra time. Lucky you!
  • We’ll offer you advice on the best management of your finances in the city. Which passes to buy, how much money to spend, and where, we are here to guide you. As we said, we have your back!

Plan your Trip with us in Advance

Keep these things in mind as you pack your luggage and select your most comfortable shoes for Barcelona’s world-famous sights.

Book Tickets for World Famous Sites in Advance

We’ll help you book your tickets in advance to architectural masterpieces like Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell so that you don’t have to spend your precious 3 days in Barcelona waiting for your turn to get every ticket.

This exquisite city is visited by thousands of tourists each day and all of them would definitely want to make the world-famous sites a part of their experience. To make the best of your 3 days, we’d suggest you save yourself the time of waiting in lines.

Book your timed entry slots to every site you want to visit and be relaxed while touring.

How you can Save Money in Barcelona?

Buying admission passes separately for each famous site could cost you a fortune. We suggest the Barcelona city sightseeing passes that’ll together serve validity for entry to all major heartthrobs of Barcelona and save you a ton of money from buying every individual pass.

Make sure you want to visit all the places mentioned in your pass because it wouldn’t be worth it if you end up wasting money on places you don’t really wanna go to.

The pass most dominantly preferred by tourists is the Go Barcelona Pass which allows admission into more than thirty of the city’s most wonderful attractions including the luminous Casa Battlò and Casa Milà. It even includes tickets for a one day ride on the city’s hop-on-hop-off buses.

Hop-on-hop-off buses are extremely popular for their ease in letting you visit every place that comes along the way and carry your bearings comfortably when you first arrive.

The Go City pass can be purchased for 2, 3, or 5 days depending on the length of your trip and can be easily accessed through the Go City mobile app.

Ensure that all your places of interest are listed in the pass. It is advisable to thoroughly scrutinize the pass to make sure all your desired places of the visit have a name in it. If the pass has listed a major portion or all the ecstatic sites your heart wants to visit, only then will it save you money and time.

The only drawback of this pass is that it doesn’t include the admission to Sagrada Familia and Park Guell which are essentially the most wonderful sites.

Book Your Airport Transfer Facility in Advance

Barcelona offers you numerous options like buses, metro, and taxi to get to the city from the airport. Remember to mention your time of arrival and your place of stay while booking a transport option in advance. We suggest Welcome Pickups as it will let you book a cab hassle-free so that the driver will be waiting for you on your arrival.

You always have the viable option of public transport. The city’s metro runs from the main airport. The only hassle is in shifting to different trains to get to the areas where most stay facilities for tourists are located.

Before you’re done booking and making all arrangements for your visit, it is important to plan your time in order of the beautiful places you want to experience so that you make the best use of your 3 days in Barcelona.

Day 1 in Barcelona

Sounds exciting, right? Our good taste recommends you to kick start your exuberant visit to Barcelona by experiencing these most wonderful delights on day 1.

Casa Batllò

Casa Batllò is undoubtedly Gaudi’s treasure worthy construction. It is built upon the ‘Block of Discord’ which includes three other buildings exquisitely and tastefully designed by Spain’s acclaimed modern style architects.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Casa Batllò shows off a restored facade glimmering with colorful glass, mosaic pieces, and exceptional ironwork to literally applaud Gaudi’s creativity. The designs on this building are inspired by natural elements of nature and are a mesmerizing sight.

The Barcelona City Pass will get you 10 percent of your visit to Casa Batllò. You can even get individual admission tickets to this site beforehand so you don’t have to wait in a line. This marvel can be explored in one hour.

Casa Milà

Casa Milà is famously known as La Pedrera because of its stone exterior. This acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site has beautifully employed wrought iron and stone on the outer walls with a splendid rooftop that harbor’s world-famous chimneys and covered stairwells.

It is also possible to access deeply the attic of this marvel of Spain while gaping at the Gaudi exhibition, a tenant’s apartment, Mila family’s apartment, and the courtyards of flowers and butterflies.

Casa Batllò and Casa Milà lie along the Carrer de Provenca and can be reached through the Blue L5 metro line from the Sagrada Familia in just two minutes.

Sagrada Familia

Not only is this the most spectacular sight Spain has to offer you in Barcelona, but Sagrada Familia was also Gaudi’s last masterpiece amongst his many architectural marvels. This world-famous site is the heart of Barcelona and deservedly attracts millions of people from around the world to stare and be overpowered with awe.

One interesting fact about this wonder is that it is still under construction and is meant to be completed in 2026 to mark Gaudi’s 100th death anniversary.

When you walk around all the places to visit in Barcelona and arrive at this cathedral, you notice how this was really a conclusion to his exceptional artwork.

This breathtaking monument was meant to be his final work of art and traces of its architectural design can be seen in all the other castles of wonder which led Gaudi up to this star-studded dream.

The design of this cathedral utilizes natural and gothic themes, and contrary to usual cathedrals, the religious theme is on the exterior. You cannot experience enough of this beauty even if you look at it for hours in amazement.

Our favorite sight in this wonder is of the stained glass windows of different colors that enlighten the rooms with particular colors at particular times of the day.

This spectacular wonder is not one to be missed. You must book your tickets for Sagrada Familia and experience this boundless beauty of art.

Las Ramblas

Walking down Las Ramblas is almost a tradition on everyone’s first Barcelona visit. This tree of streets is at the city center and is the main pedestrian thoroughfare of the city lined by flower stands and artists selling souvenirs. Although it is crowded when the tourism season is at the peak, this walk has its own beauty.

This gracious walk lets you take in the artistic aromas of this exceptional city of Spain and ends at the Christopher Columbus monument right in front of the harbor. The way to Las Ramblas is through Passeig de Gracia which leads on to the Placa Catalunya at the head of the path.

Mercado De La Boqueria

It is advisable to reach one of the best food markets in the world around lunch or dinner time. Walk to the rhythm of the fragrances of vibrant flavors that’ll be in as much abundance in fresh foods as in cooked meals. You would love to make the best use of this opportunity and grab on some of the most incredible delights of Spain to carry home.

Whether it is Spanish tortillas and lasagna or fresh slices of cheese, the La Boqueria experience is going to be a joy ride for your taste receptors. The entrance to La Boqueria is through a Las Ramblas street to the right.

Gothic Quarter

The Gothic quarter is home to some of the earliest streets of Spain dating as far back as the Roman Empire. The narrow streets and alleyways serve as mesmerizing time machines where shops, hotels, and eateries remind you that you have just been taken aback. Popular squares in this area include the Placa Reial and the Placa del Rei.

Placa Reial is decorated by a fountain in the very center and the peripheries are marked with numerous jovial bustling cafeterias. Get a Cava and put your canon into action to click some splendid photos for Facebook.

The Gothic cathedral of Barcelona was built in the 14th century and is admirable for its lofty vaults and imposing arches which is all enhanced by the numerous swans that swim between a courtyard lined by palm trees.

The Placa del Rei of the Gothic Quarter is accessed through the Barcelona history museum and is a treat for archaeological nerds with its remains of the former medieval city that has become Barcelona now. This place offers an insight into how this great city was built in steps.

The best way to get to the Gothic Quarters is through Las Ramblas onto the opposite side towards Carrer de la Portaferrissa.

Your first day of travel in Barcelona would offer you enough evidence of the magic that is Spain. But hold on, there’s so much more!

Day 2 in Barcelona

There’s never enough beauty, that’s why there is a second day and obviously the third day in Barcelona. Spain has abundant delights for seekers of culture and beauty. Our Barcelona itinerary promises to make your travel the best one possible.

Park Güell

It is day 2 of your most memorable trip of 3 days. You would definitely love to see the Sun of Spain shine on Barcelona’s exceptional example of Gaudi’s genius, Park Güell. Though a bit farther from the city center, but unmissable, you must grab the tickets to this park early in the morning to visualize one of the best examples of exceptional mosaics and sculptures in the world designed by this God of a man called Gaudi.

Casa Vicens

Casa Vicens is the first house Gaudi ever designed and you undoubtedly visit Barcelona to stare wide-eyed at the dreams come true.

This excellent architecture, that serves as work of art, serves to inspire artists and creators all around the world of how this artist was inspired by components of nature and bright colors from the start and how he incorporated them in such a way that legendary is less of a word to describe them.

A UNESCO world heritage site, Casa Vicens is a hidden gem and enlightens you like stained glass just like Gaudi embedded in the cathedral. This site is at a 15 minutes walk from Park Güell and is located in the Gracia neighborhood.

Montjuic Area

A hill overlooks Barcelona and its port and is known as Montjuic. It is a good thing to plan your visit to this place because it would be nearly impossible to explore the whole place in half a day. Selecting a few of your more desired sites and visiting just them is the way to go.

The 17th century Montjuic Castle situated on this hill is another perspective of Barcelona to visit. There is no other way to get a more stunning view of the magnificent Barcelona while being on the ground. The well-tended gardens and the museum in this place are a delight.

Catalonia National Art Museum

History and art lovers will relish delving into this museum’s splendid pieces of art that date as far back as the 19th century Medieval era. Genius works of Catalan artists are on display as are also Roman and Gothic tapestries and frescos. Trust us, you wouldn’t find a terrace as irresistible as this one.

Mount Tibidabo and the Sagrat Cor

There’s a small amusement park called Tibidabo located on a hillside that overlooks the magnificent Barcelona. The park is accessible through an all-day ticket and the option to pay individually for each ride.

Sagrat Cor is also known as the temple of the sacred heart of Jesus. This is the roman catholic church on the top of Mt. Tibidabo that is visible from the city of Barcelona. The view of Barcelona from the top of Sagrat Cor’s towers is outstanding.

As you retire into the night with your head and canon full of memories, be prepared for the exuberant adventure waiting for you on day 3.

Day 3 in Barcelona

On your final day of a thrilling time in Spain’s beloved Barcelona, we’d suggest you inhale as many aesthetic experiences as possible.


Lined by a spectacular beach, Barcelona’s thumping heart is on its sleeve dipping into the sea. Here, you’ll find exquisite seafood cuisines and everything from the beach towels to beach sheets and even mojitos available at an arm’s length. We urge you to not miss this scene even if you only watch it from the road nearby.

It would be excellent to visit the Barcelona aquarium on Passeig de Colom and then turn to the right towards the Barceloneta neighborhood which then leads to the beachfront and the harbor.

Camp Nou

Whether you are a football fan or not, the people of Spain’s love for the FC Barcelona team is worth an experience. This will be the largest stadium you would have ever seen. It is indeed the largest stadium in Europe and the third-largest football stadium in the world.

Chocolate Museum

Museu de la Xocolata takes you through a delicious experience from the origins of chocolate as a spicy drink to its evolution into a French sweet. You’ll see chocolate as a medicine, an aphrodisiac, a highly nutritious food, and as an element separating legend from reality. The tickets for this mouth-watering museum can be booked in advance.

Magic Fountain

Barcelona’s magic fountain shows are immensely popular. The magic fountain’s water and light shows are choreographed to rhyme with different music styles and are conducted every twenty minutes with ten-minute breaks between subsequent shows. The fountain is open for several nights of the week for almost all of the year.

El Born

Save your whole day’s appetite for the best food experience of your 3 days in Barcelona. One of Barcelona’s most popular restaurants in El born is Cal pep. We promise you will have the most heart-filled meal ever at this place.

The service at Cal pep enquires about your likes and dislikes and food allergies and choices and then gets you almost always the best food Spain has to offer.

Save this place for dinner. Thank us later!

What if You Have Extra Time in Barcelona?

In case you are already done with our 3 days in Barcelona itinerary or you are visiting again looking for some other places to visit, we deem you as lucky because Barcelona wouldn’t ever be enough.

Walking and Bike Tour

You would have noticed that your Go Barcelona Pass comes with a free walking tour and a free bike tour for 3 days in Barcelona. A three-hour tour along with the prominent Gothic Quarter attractions and the La Rambla would overwhelm your heart with gratitude. If you had missed a visit to Park Güell earlier, now is the time to make it and never regret it.

Parc De La Ciutadella

Known as the earliest green area, as old as the 19th century, the 70-acre park is one of Barcelona’s most beloved esthetic spaces to relax and breathe in the calm. Situated close to the Chocolate Museum, a picnic in this lush, Gaudi hand laden park will be sweetly memorable.

Torre Bellesguard

This private property is one of Gaudi’s master creations and some parts are allowed to be visited by tourists. There is a magnificent attic and spell-bounding roof area that is made to look like a dragon and offers wonderful views of Bar.

Colonia Güell

This industrial village was purpose-built in the19th century and can be reached by public transport even though 23 km away from Barcelona’s center point.

You’ll not regret the travel to this birthplace of Gaudi’s excellent innovations. The prominent attraction of this area is the church famously known as Gaudi’s crypt.

This architectural masterpiece is often referred to as the blueprint of Sagrada Familia and is much less crowded than other bustling parts of Barcelona so you can relish Gaudi’s taste in bringing art to life.


The magical Barcelona is all about experiencing, seeing, eating, getting lost, and getting found. With the much magnificent art this place holds, it is unavoidable to carry some of its fragrance and touch while receding. You’ll miss this place as soon as you begin to leave it and always thereafter. Experience the magic and let great art enhance your senses. Remember, no time spent in Barcelona is ever enough.


Well, Barcelona is one magical place that cannot be completely explored even in one lifetime. But 3 days in Barcelona can definitely let you taste an unforgettable whim of this place with never-ending beautiful sights and innumerable varieties of foods worth delving into.

If your travel routes throughout Spain, you should consider visiting Barcelona at the start or the end of your trip since it is very well connected to all other places in Spain. You can visit almost all the major tourist attractions in 3 days. If you want to delve deeper, a week in Barcelona will suffice your soul for some time.

This really depends on how much you want to experience Barcelona. 2 days in Barcelona will be enough to visit all major world-famous tourist attractions while being relatively picky as compared to 3 days.

Best Underseat Luggage in 2020

Best Underseat Luggage in 2020

  • By Anthony Dominguez
  • Last Update: August 10, 2020
  • Offers Easy Maneuverability
  • Perfectly fits Under Airline Seats
  • Made with 100% Polyester
  • Made of Polyester
  • Lightweight Design
  • Perfect for most airlines
  • Durable and Sturdy Design
  • Side Pocket for Water Bottle
  • Easy to Store

It seems like airplane fares are always going up. And, more and more often, we are forced to fly with budget airlines like Spirit or choose a discount option with our usual carrier. These discount choices usually include having to pay fees for any checked luggage. And, then there is the issue of just how big a carry-on will be allowed by the carrier.

Stowing a personal item under the seat in front is often the surest way to bring a few necessities with and not have to pay extra! With this thought in mind, we consider the best underseat luggage in 2020.

Best Kayak Compass - Comparison Table

Seattle Sports Sea Rover Deck Compass for Kayaks
  • Made of: Heavy Duty Material
  • Highlight: Attaches Easily to Deck line or sits
  • Price: $
Check Price
Brunton Dash Mount Compass
  • Offers: Accurate Readings
  • Highlight: Easy Installation
  • Price: $
Check Price
Sun Company SeaTurtl Kayak Compass
  • Made: Durable Material
  • Highlight: Suitable for Multiple Kayaks
  • Price: $
Check Price
X-11Y Ritchie Navigation 2-inch Dial Sport Kayak Compass
  • Specialty: Easy to Read
  • Highlight: Positions Easily on Kayaks
  • Price: $
Check Price
Silva 58 Kayak Compass
  • Comes with: Sturdy Construction
  • Highlight: Easy to Read from Distance
  • Price: $
Check Price
Kayaker by Ritchie Navigation XP-99 Surface Mount Compass
  • Offers: Easy Installation
  • Highlight: Stays at the Exact Viewing Angle
  • Price: $
Check Price

Your personal item that fits under the seat needs to be well made and easy to clean because, in fact, it will be placed on the floor on every trip. This is where the previous passenger had his or her feet! And, the same sorts of criteria apply to this kind of luggage as to checked baggage and carry-ons.

It should have strong zippers, extra pockets of storing and organizing things, and even a lock (even though it will be with you most of the time). With these thoughts in mind, here are a few suggestions to follow for getting the best underseat luggage in 2020.

Reviews of the Top 15 Underseat Luggage


Samsonite Wheeled Underseater

Features of the Samsonite Wheeled
  • Fits Under Most Airline Seats for easy access to belongings en route, please check with your Airline for more information as under seat storage capacities and Dimensions can vary
  • Inline Skate Wheels Constructed of polyurethane with ball bearings to minimize frictional resistance, offer durability and reduced resistance for smooth rolling
  • Ergonomic, Push Button Locking Handle is Designed to fit comfortably in your hand
  • Wetpak Zippered Compartment which allows you to separately pack damp or soiled items
  • Quick Stash Exterior Pockets for increased Packing organization of smaller items

An excellent choice for underseat luggage is this imported bad made with a 100% Polyester and nylon blend. It has a zipper closure, inline skate rollers, and fits easily under most airline seats.

We are impressed by the push button, ergonomic handle that locks in place as well as the separate compartment for packing damp or dirty clothes. Its exterior pockets allow for better organization of your packed gear by placing smaller items is these “quick stash” outside pockets.

With a sleeve on the back that lets you hook it over the handle of other luggage, this underseat bag is easy to transport even when you are dealing with several bags. The larger model weighs just five pounds and measures 16″ times 13″ times 7.5″. The smaller weighs 5 pounds and measures 13″ by 13″ by 6.5″.

  • Excellent size and dimensions for fitting under airline seats
  • Inline rollers for easy maneuverability
  • Hand strap for hooking over upright luggage
  • Additional compartment for wet and dirty things
  • The larger of the two sizes might not fit on some airlines
  • Not sure that the rollers are necessary for this sort of luggage
  • The handles may also be excessive as well


AmazonBasics Underseat Luggage

Features of the AmazonBasics Underseat Luggage
  • Red Quilted, 14-Inch rolling luggage bag; made of durable 600D polyester; fits in most airline overhead compartments and under the seat in front of you
  • Interior capacity: 22 Liters
  • Weight: 4.7 lbs.
  • Spacious main compartment works well for cloths and a spare pair of shoes; interior pockets for storing and organizing smaller items
  • Easy-access front organizer for tucking away items like a plane ticket, boarding pass, book, or magazine

This is a nice, lightweight underseat bag at a fair cost. Its polyester fabric is easy to clean. As a rolling luggage piece, it is easy to handle when navigating busy airports.

It doubles as either a carry-on or underseat bag with exterior dimensions of 13.3 by 9.4 by 14.1″ and a weight of 4.7 pounds. The inside has enough room for a pair of shoes and clothing while the side pockets help you compartmentalize smaller items. Its organizer makes it easy to get at your travel documents or reading material.

The push-button handle telescopes and locks in place. And it comes with a one-year limited warranty as an AmazonBasics item.

  • Lightweight and sufficiently small for most airlines
  • Rolling underseat bag for easy maneuvering
  • Cabin bag with lots of zippered pockets for organizing
  • Each wheel and the handle may make this item too bulky some underseat uses
  • Warranty is limited to one year and limited at that
  • May be too small for a larger laptop


Travelon Wheeled Underseat Luggage

Features of the Travelon Wheeled
  • Fits beneath most airplane seats
  • Large main compartment with front organizer compartment and zippered front pocket
  • Full-size back-up bag folds for compact storage
  • Includes Water bottle pocket and Add-A-Bag Strap
  • Use to carry souvenirs home or whenever you need a little more space. This carry-on is uniquely dome-shaped to provide easy access and a comfortable foot rest when in flight

This combination carry-on and underseat bag comes at a nice price. It features a big main compartment with an organizer in front and a zippered pocket on the front. It folds up nicely for convenient storage and is nicely flexible for stuffing into small underseat locations.

Its side pocket for a water bottle is handy when traveling and its great strap for adding a bag is also useful for when you are on the go. Use this bag to carry your belongings or to use it as a footrest on your flight! The smallest of three sizes for this bag measures 15.5 by 13.3 by 6 inches.

  • Nice, multi-use rolling underseat tote at an attractive price
  • It comes in three sizes for carry-on and placing down below
  • Well designed and sturdy
  • The larger size is really a carry-on and not for underseat use
  • The water bottle feature is good for “backpack” use but not to bring water on the plane
  • Wheels are handy for movement but may make this bag too bulky


Olympia Deluxe Fashion Rolling Overnighter

Features of the Olympia Deluxe
  • Hideaway push button retractable handle
  • Spacious main compartment for maximum packing capacity
  • Front zipper pocket for your convenience and a elegantly imprinted full interior lining with heavily padded laptop compartment
  • Side velcro closure pockets for your convenience
  • size-17x14x8.25 inches

Very handy “overnight” bag, carry-on, or underseat luggage at a great price. Its push handle retracts out of sight, and the inside compartment has lots of room.

It comes with a sturdy zipper pocket for convenient organizing, and the laptop compartment is well-padded. There are also Velcro side closure pockets as well. It measures 17 by 14 by 8.25 inches.

This is an elegant suitcase that you will be proud to carry on the plane or wherever you travel. At 5.5 pounds, it is convenient to manage and you can get it in a wide variety of designs and colors.

If you are looking for something beyond a dull bag to stuff into the overhead compartment or under your seat, this is an ideal product as it is durable, stylish, and fast to clean.

  • Attractive, stylish carry-on, underseat luggage
  • Nice price for such a fashionable item
  • Lightweight for convenient carrying
  • May be too large for underseat use in many airlines
  • Designed more for fashion than the ability to fit under a seat
  • Wheels and handles are more for maneuverability and less for your belonging.


DELSEY Paris Underseater

Features of the DELSEY Paris
  • Roomy main compartment holds clothing or shoes and interior pockets are great for organizing toiletries or other small items
  • Smart Band to slide over trolley tubes when traveling with larger suitcase; in-line skate wheels keep you rolling smoothly
  • Weighs only 5lbs, 9 oz so you won't have to worry about lugging a large bag through the airport; dual tote handles at the top to carry the bag or the top handle for easy rolling
  • Stylish quilted exterior with colorful internal lining; side mesh pocket for water bottle, umbrella; dimensions of 14. 5" X 14" X 9"
  • Fits under airplane seats and most airlines' overhead compartments; easy access front organizer holds books, passports and tickets

You can travel in style when carrying your belongings in this quilted bag by Delsey. Its polyester fabric wears well and cleans up easily. With lots of pockets for organizing, it makes packing fast and convenient.

This item features both a top handle that retracts and dual top handles for carrying by hand. Its inline skate wheels make it a snap to move around the airport or on city streets. And, the inline wheels will do well when traversing uneven ground or even cobblestone streets.

The Delsey quilted main compartment protects your belongings with a quilted form pocket for your laptop, tablet, or smartphone as well as pockets to organize toiletries, accessories, and your other belongings. You can also tote magazines, newspapers, or a water bottle in the handy side pockets.

Another excellent feature is a band on the back that can fit over upright luggage handles for easier transport. And, it comes in six colors and measures 9 times 14.5 times 14 inches.

  • Stylish carry-on or underseat luggage in six colors
  • Delsey quilted interior protects your belongings
  • Lots of compartments for efficient organizing
  • More of a carry-on bag than an underseat item
  • Perhaps too many features for simple underseat use
  • Wheels and handle might be too bulky for putting under a seat


Lucas Cabin Luggage Collection

Features of the Lucas Cabin
  • ✈️ BUILT FOR TRAVEL; Travel lighter than ever with this duffle bag; The lightweight construction helps you adhere to airline weight restrictions and avoid unneeded airport fees which make it best...
  • ✈️ BUILT FOR COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE; You can easily drag this 2-wheeled backpack along the airport with its ergonomic handle providing easy maneuverability and relieve any pressure from your arms...
  • ✈️ LUCAS UNDERSEAT CARRY-ON is constructed of a fashionable and durable nylon material that will withstand the rigors of travel. Fully lined interior and multiple interior and exterior packing...
  • ✈️ MULTIPURPOSE; Your good companion for traveling, could be served as a gym/ sports/ overnight/ weekend/ backpack/airplane carry on/ luggage. It also can be used hospital bags for labor and...
  • ✈️ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED; Limited 2 year manufacturer warranty plus trusted companion promise, which covers the cost of repair for damage for any manufacturer defect or replace the defective...

You can use this multi-pocket, collapsible duffle bag for a carry-on or for stowing your things under the seat in front. It is lightweight and will fit, or be folded into virtually any underseat space. With two wheels, it is convenient to move around the airport and its telescoping and ergonomic handle are very convenient.

Made for very durable and easily cleanable nylon, this bag will stand up to the rigors of travel for years and close easily even when its spacious main compartment is packed full.

And, it is a multi-purpose item than works just as well as a gym bag, overnight bag, or even hold your items for trips to the hospital for labor and delivery!

This handy bag comes with a two-year guarantee from the manufacturer a trusted companion promise that covers repair costs for any damage caused by a defect in manufacturing. At 16 by 14 by 9 inches and at 5 pounds, this ideal under-seat luggage but useful for lots of purposes.

  • Light, collapsible duffle bag for underseat luggage
  • Durable, cleanable, and affordable
  • Good for travel and good for use as a gym or all-purpose bag
  • Wheels and telescoping handles may not be necessary for putting things under the seat
  • Dimensions may be a bit larger for some carriers
  • Warranty does not cover damage by the carrier


Aerolite 16.5" Underseat Women Luggage

Features of the Aerolite 16.5
  • PERFECT FOR PLANES AND TRAINS: Aerolite's luxury line of convenient, 2-wheeled luggage is great for traveling. This compact, carryon tote features a 2 wheel roller system for effortless towing. With a...
  • TRAVEL IN STYLE: Whether you're a frequent flyer on business trips or take frequent vacations, you don't need to forgo fashion and elegance to achieve superior functionality and durability. With...
  • IDEAL STORAGE SPACE: Transporting as many necessities as possible with as little inconvenience as possible is the name of the game for any flight. Every inch of our personal item hand luggage is...
  • PREMIUM, HIGH QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: At Aerolite, we pride ourselves in providing well-made travel gear, using top-notch materials and design. The polyester material of our carry-on duffel bags is...
  • COMES WITH A 2 YEAR WARRANTY: We are so sure of the outstanding quality, ergonomics, and style of this underseater cabin luggage set, Aerolite offers a 2-year warranty replacement for any unavoidable...

This is an attractive, durable, and affordable carry-on bag or underseat bag. Its dimensions fit the requirements for American, Delta, Southwest, Alaska, Spirit, Aeroméxico, Volaris, Frontier, Interjet, Hawaiian, Viva, Aerobus, Virgin, and Atlantic. Its overall size is 16.5 by 13.8 by 7.8 inches.

The Aerolite does a nice job of combining functionality with style so you won’t be ashamed to bring this bag into first-class or into the lobby of a five-star hotel. With its roller wheels, this bag is not hard to handle and its quilted shell will stand out anywhere that you go.

While the outside of the Aerolite is fashionable and durable, the inside offers lots of space for your things. Its interior pockets help organize and the pair of detachable toiletry bags guarantee that any spilled shampoo will stay away from the rest of your luggage.

Handy exterior zipper pockets provide ample space for your travel documents, smartphone, and a book or newspaper.

The top of the line materials used in this bag makes it water-resistant and very tough. The ID card slot and three-digit lock provide added protection for your belongings and the bag comes with a two-year warranty as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Excellent underseat bag at a fair price
  • Durable with a two-year warranty
  • Stylish as well as functional
  • Maybe more than you need
  • Nor sure that you need a lock on a carry-on bag or underseat carry-on luggage
  • The warranty covers defects but not carrier damage


Ciao 15 Inch Carry on Luggage

Features of the Ciao 15 Inch
  • ✈️ AIRPLANE FRIENDLY MULTI-PURPOSE DESIGN: The perfect carry-on bag for airline travel and small enough to be your underseat personal item on major airlines; The lightweight construction of this...
  • ✈️ CIAO UNDERSEAT CARRY-ON is constructed of a fashionable and durable nylon material that will withstand the rigors of travel. Fully lined interior and multiple interior and exterior packing...
  • ✈️ BUILT FOR COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE; You can easily drag this 2-wheeled backpack along the airport with its ergonomic handle providing easy maneuverability and relieve any pressure from your arms...
  • ✈️ MULTIPURPOSE: Your good companion for traveling, could be served as a gym/ sports/ overnight/ weekend/ backpack/airplane carry on/ luggage. It also can be used hospital bags for labor and...
  • ✈️ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED; Limited 2 year manufacturer warranty plus trusted companion promise, which covers the cost of repair for damage for any manufacturer defect or replace the defective bag

The Ciao works well as an airplane carry-on but also fits under the chair if need be. Measuring just 15 by 9 by 14 inches and weighing just 4 pounds, this is a leader in lightweight underseat or a carry-on bag.

Made of durable nylon, it will last and last and always clean up easily. With completely lined interior compartments, and exterior pockets, this carry-on bag makes organizing your packing a breeze. Whether you need it for going on the plane or just an overnight trip across town, the Ciao is always useful.

These carry-on bags have a pair of wheels and a telescoping handle that make airport transits easy. With a two year guarantee against defects in workmanship or materials, you won’t go wrong with this underseat or carry-on bag.

  • Two-year warranty
  • Multiple compartments for easy organizing
  • Durable but still stylish
  • More like carry-on bags than luggage to go under the seat
  • Warranty does not cover damage by the carrier
  • Wheels and handle not necessary for underseat use


Nicole Miller Underseat Luggage Collection

Features of the Nicole Miller
  • Cotton canvas
  • Push-button, telescopic handle system
  • Top dual easy carry handles
  • Lightweight construction
  • Zipper pockets

If you are looking for a durable, fashionable, and affordable underseat or carry-on bag, this one is a good choice. Its interior is fully lined and features both inside compartments and outside pockets for easy access to your book, magazine, and travel documents.

Although this bag is made to go on the floor in front of you and carry your things on a plane, it can be used for a variety of purposes outside of travel. It weighs 5 pounds and measures 15 by 9 by 14 inches, making it a handy overnight bag, gym bag, or just a bag for odds and ends.

It is easy to move around an airport as it is wheeled, and its ergonomic handle is comfortable. The telescoping handle makes movement easy as well. What is more, it comes with a five-year warranty on materials and defects in workmanship.

  • Affordable, durable, and attractive
  • Multi-use aside from travel
  • Warranty is for five years
  • May be too large for some carriers
  • Telescoping handle and rollers take up underseat space
  • Might be more than you need for either carry-on bags or a rolling tote


Lily Bloom 15" Underseat Carry on Luggage

Features of the Lily Bloom
  • ✈️ AIRPLANE FRIENDLY MULTI-PURPOSE DESIGN: The perfect carry-on bag for airline travel and small enough to be your underseat personal item on major airlines; The lightweight construction of this...
  • ✈️ BUILT FOR COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE; You can easily drag this 2-wheeled backpack along the airport with its ergonomic handle providing easy maneuverability and relieve any pressure from your arms...
  • ✈️ LILY BLOOM UNDERSEAT CARRY-ON is constructed of a fashionable and durable material that will withstand the rigors of travel. Fully lined interior and multiple interior and exterior packing...
  • ✈️ DELICATE DESIGN; The stylish unique style, noble and elegant design, catering to the new trend of fashion. No matter travelling on the weekends or go abroad, you will be the distinctive one....
  • ✈️ MULTIPURPOSE with SATISFACTION GUARANTEED; Your good companion for traveling, could be served as a gym/ sports/ overnight/ weekend/ backpack/airplane carry on/ luggage. It also can be used...

These lightweight carry-on bags can also double as underseat luggage on most carriers. The Lily Bloom has nice internal pockets for easy organizing, a telescoping handle and inline rollers for easy movement, and a nice price.

Very light in weight, this is an easy bag to carry. It doubles as a gym bag when you are not traveling, or when you are. At just 4 pounds it is one of the lightest bags in its class and at 15 by 9 by 14 inches it fits into most available spaces. And, it comes in a variety of colors and designs.

  • Attractive, durable, and affordable
  • Use as a gym bag or overnight bag as well as for travel
  • Easily maneuverable with telescoping handle and wheels
  • OK as a carry-on but may need to pack light for stowing under the chair in front of you
  • Rollers and handle not needed for fitting where it belongs
  • Maybe more than you need for the price


Samsonite Spinner Underseater with USB Port

For the ultimate in carry-on or underseat luggage, take a look at this underseat spinner from Samsonite. It weighs only 7 pounds and measures 16.5 by 13.5 by x 9 inches making it the right size to go either in the overhead bin or on the floor in front. It is durable, easy to manage, and even comes with its own USB port!

Its durable 1690D polyester fabric lasts and lasts and cleans easily when necessary. Its telescoping handle has three stops and a “pass-through” band on the back lets you hang it on larger upright luggage.

This bag features separate pockets for a laptop and for a smartphone or tablet from which they can recharge using the built-in USB port.

The Samsonite spinner has lots of internal pockets for organizing smaller articles and side pockets for your travel documents and articles you need access to without opening the bag. Last, but not least, this underseat spinner comes with Samsonite’s 10-year warranty.

  • High-quality bag for bringing on the plane from Samsonite
  • A cool USB port for recharging your laptop or tablet on the go
  • Warranty for 10 years
  • Maybe more than you need to put a few things on the floor in front of you
  • Spinners and extension handle bulky when storing where you would like to put your feet
  • Need to remember to recharge the USB port charger!


High Sierra Endeavour Underseat Luggage

Features of the High Sierra Endeavour
  • FITS UNDER AIRPLANE SEATS: this underseat carry on luggage with wheels is designed to fit under an airplane seat or in most airlines overhead compartments; perfect for the business traveler who likes...
  • DEDICATED LAPTOP COMPARTMENT: this underseat wheeled bag has a built-in fully padded compartment designed to carry your laptop computer and help protect it from shock; fits most 15 inch laptops;...
  • RETRACTABLE HANDLE: an extendable, retractable, push button locking handle provides easy maneuverability when extended out from the laptop bag with wheels, and stores neatly inside when not in use;...
  • PASS-THROUGH SMART SLEEVE: this underseat luggage with wheels boasts a pass-through sleeve at the back panel that allows this men's or women's wheeled laptop bag to slide over and attach to the...
  • EXTRA FEATURES: molded front pockets; expandable zippered side shoe pocket doubles as interior divider panel; zippered mesh pocket; organizer pocket with multiple pockets and key fob; mesh beverage...

Designed for the serious business traveler, the High Sierra Endeavor fits in overhead bins or under airline recliners. It is made with durable DL-540 polyester and cleans up nicely when soiled.

The laptop compartment is nicely padded for extra protection and fits most laptops up to 15 inches. It also features a front pocket sleeve for your tablet.

The extension handle retracts and locks out of sight or locks in place when maneuvering around the airport. You can hang this bag on larger, upright luggage using the “pass-through” sleeve.

The zippered side pocket for shoes also can be used as a divider or better organizing. Its mesh zippered pocket and many “organizer” pockets make this an efficient travel companion. It comes with a normal handle on the underside of the bag as well.

  • Well-designed carry-on or underseat bag
  • Durable and easily –cleanable fabric
  • Rolls easily through the airport
  • Might be more than you want for putting a few items under the seat in front
  • Handle and each wheel take up space under the row in front of you
  • Might not qualify with some airlines for its intended use


Briggs & Riley Baseline Expandable Cabin Bag

Features of the Briggs & Riley Baseline
  • SpeedThru pocket for quick storage of items at security checks;Ergonomic zipper pulls
  • Dual purpose slip-through back pocket allows bag to slide over the Outsider handle for easy transport
  • Large gusseted front zipper pocket with key keeper to keep keys accessible yet concealed
  • Webbing handles with magnetic leather wrap and crossways shoulder strap offer carrying options
  • 1680D ballistic nylon outer fabric resists wear, water, dirt and abrasion

At 8.1 by 16.5 by 11 inches and only 3.6 lbs, the Briggs & Riley is ideal for use as a cabin bag for the overhead bin or as an underseat item. It works well for carrying your necessities and is a great organizer for paperwork you are bringing along on the flight.

Its “Speed Through” pocket is perfect for ready access to travel documents and other items you will need for airport security or which you will need and don’t want to have open the bag to get. Made from 1680C nylon, this bag wears well and shakes off dirt and grime. If it does get dirty, it is a snap to clean.

It has both webbing handles and a cross-shoulder strap or easy carrying. And, it features a gusseted front zipper pocket for keys, tickets, pens, and reading materials.

With three compartments, this bag allows for the excellent organization of your belongings and it can expand by as much as 4 inches if you need to put more into the main and flat packing sections.

  • Very well designed carryon or rolling underseat bag
  • Great for bringing paperwork on long flights
  • A durable bag that will last you for years
  • More than most folks will need
  • High quality but comes with a higher price than most
  • Does not have wheels for easy transport


Kenneth Cole Reaction Excursion Wheel Underseat Bag

Features of the Kenneth Cole Reaction Excursion
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Push button locking handle with smooth rolling in-line skate wheels
  • The fully lined interior has organizational pockets to keep your belongings tidy
  • Fits under the seat of most airlines and great for weekend getaways!
  • Back strap lets you slide it over another bag’s telescopic handle

Kenneth Cole makes a nice wheeled underseat bag for putting things under the seat and comes at an affordable price. At 16.1 times 16 times 10.3 inches it fits it any overhead bin and under most airline seats. At 6.55 pounds, it is easy to carry.

Features like its extendable, push-button, locking handle and in-line wheels make this an easy bag to maneuver through airports. Its interior is lined and filled with pockets for organizing your packing.

It serves well as an underseat travel companion, an overnight bag, or for taking a few things on a weekend getaway. The bag is durable and easy to clean. And, it comes with a back strap for hanging on larger, upright luggage when moving through the terminal.

Because it is on the higher end of underseat bags, you may wish to check with your airline to make sure that it meets airline requirements for going under the seat.

  • Sturdy construction and durable fabric
  • Rolling tote with sturdy in-line wheels
  • Stylish wheeled bag at a perfect price
  • Wheels and extension handle may be more than you need
  • On the high end of size requirements for an underseat bag
  • Wheels and handle take up space that could be used for your belongings


Travelpro Maxlite Carry on Luggage

Features of the Travelpro Maxlite
  • Fits under most major domestic airline seats. Variety of organizational compartments inside and out with room to spare for handbag storage inside
  • Padded laptop/tablet sleeve offers protection for electronic essentials. Rear quick loop easily attaches to luggage extension handle
  • Made of polyester fabric with duraguard coating for stain and abrasion resistance
  • Limited lifetime warranty. Dimensions: L16.5" x W14.75" x 9" weight: 5.4lbs
  • 16.5x14.75x9

At 16.5 by 14.75 by 9 9 inches and 5.4 pounds, the Travelpro qualifies as underseat luggage with most domestic airlines. It has a roomy central compartment and lots of interior and exterior small compartments for efficient organizing.

The laptop or tablet sleeve is padded for extra protection and it has a “quick loop” on the back for handing over larger upright luggage. With its tough polyester fabric and Duraguard protection, this bag is dirt and stain-resistant and will last you for many years. In fact, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The Maxlite comes with durable rollaboards and spinners that have the look and the function of a more expensive product.

  • Well-made carryon at an affordable price
  • Tough, stain-resistant fabric
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • May be too large to qualify with some carriers
  • Extension handle and wheels take up space

How to Choose Underseat Luggage?

When thinking about underseat luggage, start by considering the advantages and best use of this kind of bag. Then think of the attributes that you want yours to have. Think of the best ways that you can take advantage of a good carry-on or bag to put under the seat. And, then look for the best bag that fits your criteria.

Why Do You Want to Use Underseat Luggage?

As airfares have gone steadily up, we all need to travel smarter. That means traveling with carriers that give you a good deal but limit your luggage options. Because the “personal luggage” is generally still allowed when you travel, it has to fit on your lap which is a pain on a long trip or under the seat.

It might fit in the overhead compartment but you had better be getting on the plane first so that you can find space in the overhead bin.

The issue with carry-on luggage these days is size. Airlines seem to keep reducing the dimensions that they will allow for carry-ons. That being the case, you are faced with paying for checking that bag. And, when you cannot fit it under the seat, you are stuck with having to check it anyway!

What Qualities Does Underseat Luggage Need?

First of all, this bag needs to fit under the seat. But, there is no standard definition of how much space is available in this case. You may be forced to check with the carrier itself to find out the dimensions available under their seats for such items. And, as we already mentioned, this sort of luggage tends to get dirty faster than its carry-on and checked siblings. The upside is that every time you carry it you are saving fees! It lies on the floor where people put their feet, can get scraped, may become stained if the previous passenger spilled their coffee, wine, or soft drink. And, because of such moisture issues, pick a suitcase that is water-resistant so that your personal items inside are safe from damage.
Because of the rougher requirements of these kinds of suitcases, they need to have strong zippers, handles, straps, and accessory pockets to prevent damage as well as a large main compartment, zippered pockets, and a place for your travel slippers.
Interior pockets are important as they help keep things organized, even something as basic as a duffel bag.

How Will You Use Your Underseat Luggage?

If you are traveling light, you may simply use one small bag that goes with you at all times. It may be your underseat luggage on the airplane, your backpack while traveling in foreign cities and even your pillow as you rest on a bench in a rural train depot while waiting for the 02:44 to arrive from Budapest!

Some travelers take medications that are not readily available as they travel. Your luggage that goes under the seat still needs to be secure enough to protect such valuable items. So, it needs to be made of tough fabric, zippers that cannot be opened by forcing a pen into them and a secure lock in case you leave it unguarded or a moment.

Just because the facts of airline economy force you to go this route, it does not mean that you cannot get what you need to make your travel easier and more enjoyable.

Think about what you will be doing when you arrive at your destination. Will it be more travel by bus, train, or on foot? Will you be using accommodations like hostels? Will you be sleeping under the stars? No matter why you are traveling and how, this luggage needs to fit your travel needs.

Can You Use a Duffel Bag as Underseat Luggage?

The answer is, yes. But, it needs to fit, be sturdy, be closable, resistant to water damage, and have compartments inside to help you organize your travel items including your clothes. The nice part about a duffle bag is that these bags are generally washable with your clothes and made to last.

What if You're Forced to Check your Underseat Luggage?

The best-laid plans of all travelers can go astray, to mangle the famous Bobby Burns quote about plans, mice, and men. You have the things that you need in a small “personal item” that should fit nicely under your seat. Then the airline moves you to a front-row seat with no seat in front! Or, they have chosen to check all bags instead of accepting these bags (unless you pay more). Then your bag needs a tag with your name, email address, physical address. It should have a lock that is TSA compatible as well.

These are things to consider when purchasing the best underseat luggage. When you are traveling, your email address may be the perfect piece of information to have displayed on your luggage as you may be away from home or your business for an extended period.

What Material is Best for Underseat Luggage?

While hard-sided luggage keeps your belongings safe from harm, a hard-sided bag will not fit easily under the seat. A soft-sided bag is more flexible and will maximize the space you can fit it into.

But, a thin, easily torn, the fabric will get damaged easily, soak up any liquid it encounters, and get stains that will be hard to remove. Thus, you need to look for a material that is strong but flexible, resistant to water penetration, and easy to clean off after every trip.

When Is an Under-seat Bag a Personal?

To a degree, the terms are synonymous as airlines generally including fitting under the seat as part of their definition of this sort of luggage not matter if it holds your clothes and other belongings. So, if it is small enough to fit under a seat, you are usually safe. However, airlines typically have more the definition and that will vary according to the airline. Purses, handbags, laptop bags, camera, However, the decision as to whether your bag qualifies as “personal” and “underseat” is made when you check-in. If you are packing everything but the kitchen sink into your purse or laptop bag, the bulkiness may gain the attention of the person doing the check-in. If there is a way to hold the item or press it against your body to make it look smaller, this might help.
With some airlines like Jet Star, weight is a factor. They require that your carry-on and other “in-cabin” luggage weigh no more than 7 kg. Other airlines like American and British Airways have specific dimensions that limit the size of bags that go under the seat.
And, even if you are carrying a laptop on the plane, it needs to be in a slim, small case or it will be considered a carry-on! This is not about spacious bags and a large main compartment but rather low weight bags, small bags, and saving money on your airfare with an under seater. The bottom line is to check with the airline if you are not sure.

How About Backpacks as Underseat Luggage?

One “urban myth” in regard to underseat luggage is that you can bring a backpack on a budget carrier like Spirit Air for free. With Spirit or any other carrier, there is no specific rule for backpacks. They go into check luggage, the overhead bin as a carry-on, or under the seat in front depending on their size.

That having been said, backpacks are often the best for luggage under seat purposes because they are flexible and easy to pack into tight spaces.

And, they are multi-functional when you are traveling as they work to carry your luggage from place to place and carry your clothes and other things during the day once you are at your destination.

What Can you Carry in Underseat Luggage?

Because specific airline rules include your purse or handbag, your laptop case, cameras, and the like in their list of allowed items, you can obviously carry these. And, you can carry pretty much anything else that will fit, so long as it passes inspection when you have your baggage examined by security. Commonly carried items include personal medications, something to read, your travel documents, and other necessities.
One useful trick when bringing this sort of bag is to wear any heavier garments at check-in instead of putting them in your bag. There are no rules against dressing too well or too warmly, so you can stuff the pockets of your coat with items that would make your underseat luggage look suspiciously heavy and bulky.
What is the Best Underseat Luggage for you?

You have read all of our suggestions as to what to consider when looking for the best underseat luggage in 2020. You may have read a review of two and found a useful list with a rating for each bag. the review may even give you some good ideas about quality. And, you have hopefully picked up some good ideas.

But, your luggage is your luggage. It needs to serve your travel needs. This may simply be an occasional flight on a budget carrier or it may be a summer-long trip across the length and breadth of Europe. It may simply need to be reliable underseat carry-on luggage or it may need to carry everything you need for an extended trip abroad.

High Quality and Price or Budget and Disposable

This is a practical consideration. You are not buying an automobile for tens of thousands of dollars. You are purchasing a bag for putting luggage under a seat on the airplane. To a degree, the best route for many people is to go the budget route on this item just like you are going the budget route on your flight plans.

When this luggage wears out, buy new. However, if you travel for work, need something that looks smart, and need specific features, buying a high-quality bag is your best choice. That having been said, consult our reviews of the best underseat luggage in 2020.

Best Samsonite Softside Luggage in 2020

Best Samsonite Softside Luggage in 2020

  • By Anthony Dominguez
  • Last Update: August 10, 2020
  • Sturdy and Strong Structure
  • Compression Straps
  • 1.5 inches of Expansion Capacity
  • Lightweight Luggage
  • Unique Design
  • Easily Expandable
  • Great for Air Travel
  • Lightweight Suitcase
  • Integrated Carry Handles

If you’ve been searching for the best luggage to keep all your essentials in whenever you’re traveling, then there is no better alternative than Samsonite. They are an established brand with a strong reputation for long-lasting, high-quality luggage.

Here we have focused on their softside luggage range, as we believe that type has the most advantages for the keen traveler. Choosing one of their softside suitcases can be a tough decision because there are so many different choices available.

But if you want to travel in style and carry everything you need, then it’s no good if you pick poorly. In this article, we will tell you all of the important details about Samsonite, and then help you choose the best softside Samsonite luggage from our carefully chosen selection.

Samsonite Softside Luggage - Top 5 Reviews


Samsonite Leverage LTE Softside Expandable Luggage

Features of the Samsonite Leverage LTE
  • 20" SPINNER LUGGAGE maximizes your packing power and meets most carry-on size restrictions for those traveling domestically and looking to stay light
  • PACKING Dimensions: 20”x 14.5” x 8”, OVERALL Dimensions: 23.0" x 14.5" x 8.0", Weight: 8 lbs.
  • 10 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Samsonite products are rigorously tested to ensure our products meet stringent standards. This bag comes with a 10-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • FOUR MULTI-DIRECTIONAL double spinner wheels allow 360 degree upright rolling so there is no weight on your arm or shoulder
This is a spinner suitcase specifically designed as a carry-on case that meets the requirements set by most airlines in terms of its size. It features additional pockets on the exterior and a useful carry handle. The soft side of the suitcase is protected against water and oil through the use of special coatings. This helps to safeguard it against any spills or unexpected stains. During transit, your belongings could move around, so this suitcase also has some handy compression straps to secure your goods after you’ve packed them. As for general wear and tear, special corner guards are in place to minimize the chances of any damage.

Its packing dimensions are 20 x 14.5 x 8, and Samsonite has guaranteed it with its 10-year warranty, which means you won’t have to worry about any issues down the road. The case is also sturdy and strong with plenty of room for everything you need.

  • There are 1.5 inches of expansion capacity to pack more in
  • Compression straps will keep your clothes neat
  • It has features which make it resistant to damage
  • It is sturdy and strong
  • The suitcase has fragile wheels which can easily break off
  • Some airlines may not accept it because of its dimensions


Samsonite Aspire Xlight Softside Expandable Luggage

Features of the Samsonite Aspire Xlight
  • Four multi-directional spinner wheels for easy mobility. Rolls upright so there is no weight on your arm or shoulder
  • Fully featured interior includes wetpak and mesh pockets for increased organization with padded top and side carry handles. Weight is 11.5 pounds. Has large front-panel pocke
  • Retractable handle provides easy maneuverability when extended out from the suitcase, and stores neatly inside when not in use. Consists of quick-stash zipper pocket for tickets or smaller items
  • Cross straps secure the contents of your luggage to help prevent shifting that can cause damage. They also help keep the contents of your luggage organized
  • Body Dimensions: 29.0 x 18.5 x 11.5 inches; Overall Dimensions: 31.0 x 18.5 x 12.5 inches

This Aspire Samsonite luggage set comes with two bags, with a 20-inch carry-on bag and a 25-inch spinner suitcase. It is made of polyester material for added durability and contains flexible steel wire which reinforces its strength. There are also two carry handles, one on the top and one on the side.

The main handle is self-retracting. This makes it easy to move and transport. Ease of use is further aided by the spinner wheels and very low weight materials. It is also guaranteed for 10 years by Samsonite so that you know it will last.

The main compartment contains a wet pocket so that you can pack it just as simply even after you’ve been for a swim. This makes it a good choice for anyone who enjoys watersports or even just paddling.

A zipper pocket is provided on the front of the case whenever you need to quickly slide something in, like some notes or a map. Its spinner wheels also enable the case to be moved around promptly and smoothly, which can be very helpful whenever you’re on the go.

  • It is extremely light, which makes transport easier
  • Its design makes it easy to spot
  • It can be expanded by a small amount to accommodate some more items
  • The zipper can break easily
  • The inner mesh is also vulnerable to ripping


Samsonite Midlight 2 Softside Luggage

Features of the Samsonite Midlight 2
  • Four multi-directional spherical spinner wheels for easy mobility
  • Constructed of ultra lightweight nylon fabric with samguard water-resistant coating for strength and durability
  • Integrated carry-handles provide comfort when lifting a fully packed case
  • Ultra lightweight beveled alloy pull handle
  • Body Dimensions: 25.5" x 18.0" x 9.5"

This is some of the best Samsonite luggage if you’re looking for a lightweight suitcase, thanks to being constructed out of nylon fabric. It has a Samguard coating which makes it water-resistant, a helpful feature for whenever you’re caught in the rain.

Its dimensions are a generous 25.5 x 18 x 9.5, which allows you to store more of your travel essentials. However, this is not a carry-on bag and it will need to be checked in. Spinner wheels make walking with the suitcase simple and fast.

It also contains integrated carry handles to make transporting a heavy load more comfortable. The main compartment contains some zipped pouches and compression straps to create a versatile packing environment.

The design is also made to be smooth and sleek so that it looks professional and appropriate whether you’re traveling for business or leisure. This is a case which is also good for fitting into the overhead compartments without causing problems.

  • Its size allows you to fit plenty of your belongings in
  • The handle works well
  • It is good for air travel
  • It can be damaged easily, particularly the zippers and the Samsonite logo
  • When left to stand, it leans over and can topple forwardsdirection


Samsonite Solyte DLX Softside Expandable Luggage

Features of the Samsonite Solyte DLX
  • 20" SPINNER LUGGAGE maximizes your packing power and meets most carry-on size restrictions for those traveling domestically and looking to stay light
  • PACKING Dimensions: 19.0" x 13.5" x 7.75", OVERALL Dimensions: 22.0" x 14.0" x 9.5", Weight: 7.1 lbs.
  • 10 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Samsonite products are rigorously tested to ensure our products meet stringent standards. This bag comes with a 10-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • USB PORT for charging devices (battery not included)
  • SMART FIX BUCKLES to keep tie-down straps out of the way when packing

At first glance, this suitcase appears to be much like all the others. Its full dimensions are 22 x 14 x 9.5 and its packing dimensions are 19 x 13.5 x 7.75. Similar to the other bags on this list, Samsonite has pledged to guarantee it with a 10-year warranty.

It can meet most carry-on requirements whilst providing enough storage space to meet all of your needs. But that is where the similarities end. This suitcase also features a USB port to enable you to charge devices, so long as you attach a battery. It also contains a WetPak pocket and a mesh pocket on the inside.

The spinner wheels are also doubled so that it has even more maneuverability and stability than its rivals, even with more weight. And there are special Smart Fix buckles so that the tie-down straps don’t interfere with you whilst you’re packing.

  • It has a variety of design features which make it simple to pack and transport
  • The doubled spinner wheels reduce the weight on your shoulder
  • It is built to be both durable and can be stacked onto other Samsonite luggage with its Smart Sleeve
  • The packing space is quite limited and small
  • As with other Samsonite models, the zips can snap off easily


Samsonite StackIt 2-piece Softside Luggage

This is a luggage set with a combined size of 30 x 22 x 14. Both of the suitcases feature spinner wheels to provide decent mobility. It also features heavy-duty metal zippers which reduce the likelihood of any damage to them, which has been a common complaint with some other Samsonite luggage models.

There is also a clue in the name of this luggage, which is that the two cases can be stacked together by using the handle and a sleeve. The carry handle is also durable and stable.

This is a luggage set that can last for years, and that gives it a big advantage as many do not make it that far. It is also a good choice for anyone who wants to use multiple cases for different purposes without having to take up a lot of space.

  • This stackable duo is great for long-haul trips where more needs to be packed
  • The spinner wheels are very good quality and provide extra maneuverability
  • The packing space inside the actual cases is quite small
  • The pockets do not run the full length of the lid
  • The structure of the wheels take up some of the interior space

What Makes Samsonite Bags Different?

Samsonite has existed since 1910, when they were founded in Denver, Colorado. This means they are a brand with a long history of providing great products to their customers, which of course includes softside luggage, one of their main product ranges.

They now trade in over 100 countries and have a most recent annual revenue figure of more than $3.5 billion, which is a testament to their popularity and the trust that people place in them. A company founded only last year or even in the last decade just wouldn’t be able to build up the same track record as Samsonite.

They have also been responsible for numerous innovations in the world of luggage and bags, which makes their softside products some of the best available.

Another key feature of all Samsonite products is quality assurance. It wouldn’t be possible for them to maintain a strong reputation if their products weren’t as good as they claimed. So they have ensured that all of their luggage is tested whilst being at full capacity.

Their luggage is also tested in challenging environmental conditions and exposed to hazards that mimic those which frequent travelers are most likely to experience. One of the important tests for softside cases is their ability to withstand rain and accidental spillages, which could seep through the fabric if they are not protected against them.
A Samsonite product can only be sold if it passes testing with the highest standards. This is why Samsonite has coined the term Worldproof to describe their luggage. It is some of the best on the market. In addition to this, Samsonite offers a series of warranties to guarantee their products and give you peace of mind when you purchase one. There is a permanent global warranty, a 10-year global warranty, and a 3-year global warranty. These only include manufacturing defects rather than any damages incurred through misuse or by accident. However, this does ensure you won’t have to live with a faulty product, as Samsonite will repair it for you through the warranty. You can request a repair by visiting their website. This ensures that you always get only the best quality.

What to Consider When Buying Samsonite Luggage?

Samsonite currently lists a wide variety of different softside luggage products on their website, and it is important for you to know which one is best. Softside luggage comes with some special features that don’t apply to hardside luggage, as you will discover.

Without being aware of these, you may choose a suitcase that does not meet your needs in the way that you thought it would. So here is a list of what you should consider when buying softside luggage.


There are many ways to travel in the world today. This includes going by boat, on foot, by plane, and by train. This means you need luggage that can fit just about anywhere. And that’s what Samsonite softside luggage can do.

The portable nature of these cases is a result of the fabric allowing you to compress them into a variety of spaces no matter the weight. Other suitcase types take up the same amount of space regardless of what you put in them.

However, softside models are more malleable, so you’re able to squeeze them into tight spaces more easily and also squeeze more luggage into the suitcase itself.


Softside luggage from Samsonite generally comes with an expandable section that allows you to fit extra belongings inside when you really need some extra space, which you don’t get with hardside luggage. This feature is great for when you need to travel across long distances and take plenty of items with you.

You may also go on vacation and spot some souvenirs you’d like to bring back with you. If the space inside your luggage was strictly fixed (as it is in hardshell models), then this would be a problem. But with softside Samsonite luggage, chances are you’ll find a way to fit it inside.

Trip Type

When people travel, they generally do so either for leisure or for business. Both of these trips are very different from one another. On a holiday, you can take as little or as much as you want. But on a business trip, you will probably need to make room for special equipment and clothing.

This means the size of the luggage you require will vary. Whether you should opt for a carry-on, mid-size, or large suitcase will depend on the type of travel you typically take. Or you can do what I did and just buy one of each!

Luggage Wheels

And finally, you will want to choose whether your suitcase will be a roller or a spinner. A roller means having two wheels, and a spinner means having four wheels. Rollers will only move backward and forwards, whereas spinners can move in all directions.

Rollers are typically better for uneven surfaces like sidewalks, but they can be difficult to pull along if the suitcase is heavy. Spinners exert less pressure on the shoulder and are easier to maneuver because of the extra pair of wheels.

But their wheels can be vulnerable to snapping off, and if they are being used on steep terrain, they can roll away quickly. So if you do pick a Samsonite spinner, it is best to opt for one with a locking mechanism.

Luggage Mistakes To Avoid

When you’re traveling, it can be easy to cause excess trouble for yourself even if you’ve chosen the right piece of luggage. Here are a few common errors that you’ll want to avoid so that your journey is as enjoyable as possible, regardless of whether you are traveling for business or leisure.

Not Inspecting the Luggage

It is fine when you see a picture on the internet and the promise of quality when you order, but the real test of good luggage is whether the actual object itself meets the standards that Samsonite says it will. And that test shouldn’t be the first time you use it on a plane.
You’ll want to look carefully at all the most fragile components as soon as the suitcase is delivered. There are four of these. The zips, the handle, the spinner wheels, and the seams. Zips can get jammed and detached, handles can get stuck, wheels can break off, and the seams stitching together the fabric on softside cases can get damaged.
None of this should be happening with a brand new suitcase, especially not one from Samsonite. Make sure you look very closely, feel it, and then test it by filling it up and walking around your neighborhood with it.

Straining the Fabric

In the rush to get ready for a trip you’re going on, there will no doubt be a long list of items you’d like to take with you. Sometimes this can become such a priority that you forget it won’t all fit in the suitcase. When this happens, it can be tempting to put as much in as possible and force it to close.

However, even with the more forgiving softside cases, this is not a wise choice to make, because they can only expand by so much with or without a special expandable section. If you push them beyond their capacity, the added weight and pressure could cause the seams, that hold together the sides, to split open on even the best suitcases.

Buying the Wrong Softside Suitcase

As you will now know, there are several important factors involved in choosing the best softside suitcase, and not all of them are interchangeable.

But if you aren’t aware of these factors, or choose based on your best guess, this could be a potentially costly mistake, because if it cannot meet your needs in terms of how you’re traveling, the conditions you’re traveling in, and the amount you’d like to pack, then you won’t enjoy using it.

Softside cases are best when they have spare compartments on the front and some expandable space inside. That allows them to be more useful for emergencies where you haven’t got much time to carefully organize everything and need the extra space.


When it comes to softside luggage, Samsonite is hard to beat. With a wide variety of bags to choose from, it can be a daunting task to choose just one. However, if we had to choose the best Samsonite luggage from the list above, we’d have to go with the Samsonite Solyte DLX luggage.

Its features, like the USB port, give it a modern touch that the others lack, and it is guaranteed for 10 years. It has a main compartment with various types of pockets and double spinner wheels, which are useful for when you’re doing a lot of traveling.

It is a high-quality, stackable, and durable piece of Samsonite luggage which make it a great choice that we’re sure will last you for years to come. However, whichever bag you decide to go with, you can’t go wrong when you go with a Samsonite.

10 Best Hotels in Rome for Families in 2020

Rome is a beautiful holiday destination with so much for everyone to see and do. However, traveling with children is no piece of cake.

Any family vacation is more like a balancing act where you need to both keep the little ones engaged while you enjoy the city. However, things may not be so confronting in Rome, because it’s a family-friendly city.

It not only has so much to keep children and teens occupied, but there is also a wide selection of family-friendly hotels to check out.

There are so many hotels in Rome to search from that we decided to help by compiling a list of the top hotels in Rome for families this January.

Best Hotels in Rome for Families

Here is our list of the top 10 top hotels in Rome for families with the luxury amenities they have on offer:

1. Best overall child-friendly hotel – Hotel De Russie

This stunningly beautiful and luxury rating family-friendly hotel is located in central Rome, Italy. The Hotel De Russie is one of the hotels in Rome which celebrities and politicians frequent.

There’s a beautiful garden bar to relax with drinks and enjoy the view .while the spa is famous in Rome. The luxury hotel was dubbed ‘paradise on earth’ by Jean Cocteau, the French poet in 1917, and still has a good rating today.

The hotel also has to offer everything you need to make a booking and keep your children happy on a family trip. There are complimentary baby meals, equipment like high chairs and baby supplies in the bathrooms. Older kids receive a welcome kit comprising of coloring books and a city activity sheet.

They can also keep teenagers busy with game consoles and provide content protected Wi-Fi access on request. The interconnecting rooms, extra beds and babysitting services on request and child-friendly menus prove that the hotel does a lot in keeping children happy.

2. Best hotel with room varieties – Gran Meliá Rome

The proximity of the luxury rating Gran Melia Rome Italy to so many tourist sights makes it a special family holiday booking option. The hotel’s children’s welcome gifts; reasonable prices, spa and high-end breakfast and dining make most families return.

Gran Melia Rome is a wonderful combination of traditional luxury with avant-garde touches enthralling both young and old guests. Families especially enjoy relaxing in their prestigious family rooms.

According to, Tripadvisor the Supreme rooms are ideal for couples traveling with a baby. There is a 12 sqm private garden providing a safe and ideal baby playing space.

The Family Kids and Co Rooms are for families with 2 adults and 2 children. It has two floors with a charming master bedroom on the first floor. The second floor is specially designed to keep kids under 10 entertained with its Wi-Fi, TV, and games.

There are even connecting rooms available, ensuring there’s no compromise in your privacy. And of course, there’s also a high-quality babysitting service on request. The hotel’s restaurant offer highchairs and allergen-free children’s menus with varied dining and breakfast options. What more do you need in a family-friendly hotel?

3. Best pet-friendly hotel – J.K. Place Roma

The J.K. Place Roma was once Rome’s school of architecture and style but is today one of Italy’s luxury family-friendly rating hotels. Its once classrooms are now its elegant bedrooms, furnished with antique furniture, marble, and sculptures and well-designed bathrooms.

The rooms are equipped with a Bose sound system, flat-screen TV, mini bar, free Wi-Fi and Bottega dell Albergo toiletries. The homey interiors create a magical touch on your visit with its canopied beds, wall-to-wall carpeting, and wood-paneled walls.

You needn’t worry about the absence of outdoor space while making a booking here. A visit to the Spanish Steps compromises this. There’s also J.K.Cafe famous for its authentic breakfast, Italian dishes, dining, and cocktails.

JK master rooms come with individual living rooms and bedrooms to accommodate extra guests. Room 12 is famous because of its marble fireplace and shelves with books. Junior suite 32’s bathroom is fabulous. It’s as huge as the bedroom with a large walk-in shower with polished marble and teak.

The hotel even has two bedrooms designed for disabled access. The Rome hotel is proud of being pet-friendly where it welcomes pets weighing up to 10kg. If your child has a favorite pet, this is where you should make a booking while in Rome.

Under-13s are not charged for cots or extra beds while older children are charged. There are babysitting services if you need it while under-10s accompanied by a paying adult can eat a free brunch.

4. Best to enjoy nightlife – The Inn at The Spanish Steps

The lovely views the luxury rating Inn at the Spanish Steps Italy has to offer is why so many make a booking here. It’s impossible to not enjoy Rome’s spectacular beauty and the view from the hotel’s rooftop, many balconies, and terraces. It is one of Rome’s top boutique hotels with 24 elegantly furnished rooms to rent at reasonable prices.

It’s listed as a national monument with its nicely-preserved frescoes, beautiful floors and striped wallpaper. Each bathroom has ETRO toiletries and either shower tub, whirlpool tubs or walk-in shower combos.

The Inn has tons of designer shopping options to offer tourists while the Trevi Fountain and Pantheon are at walking distance. While the Spanish Steps is a relatively noisy spot, the overall atmosphere at the Inn at the Spanish Steps is peaceful.

The Inn has a high rating for family friendliness with cribs and baby highchairs. Your teens will love the trip, just relaxing and absorbing the view. The free Wi-Fi also keeps kids busy here. You have a choice of rooms to select from for your family ranging from 3 people suites to 5 people apartment-like rooms. Babysitting is available but with prior booking.

5. Best for views – Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

The Rome Cavalieri is located in the north of Rome on a hilly area and is the perfect luxury rating vacation booking option. But anyone who’s made a trip here agrees it’s worth the extra travel time taken to reach there.

The location is ideal if you want private hotels Rome to stay away from the bustle of the city. The Rome Cavalieri is the epitome of style and luxury with its 400 modern rooms and suites with windows and furnished piazza.

There are lots for you to do at the hotel with its three swimming pools, a full spa, tennis courts, and a fitness center. It’s also the only Roman hotels with a three Michelin-star rating dining restaurant.

Lol travel lists it as one of the hotels in Rome that’s family-friendly thanks to amenities like Wi-Fi and free cribs and infant beds. There’s also an additional special children’s pool and a playground on-site to entertain kids. The free children’s club has some activities that keep kids occupied while babysitting or childcare is available but at a price.

The Rome hotels Italy is also a favorite with business travelers because of amenities like the large conference center, 23 meeting rooms, and rental audiovisual equipment.

6. Best for shopping – Parco Dei Principi Grand Hotel & SPA

The huge 5-star luxury rating Parco Dei Principi Grand Hotel and Spa is located on the edge of Villa Borghese Park with a beautiful view. It’s traditionally decorated and boasts of an excellent swimming pool and the best spa facilities at reasonable prices.

There’s also a free gym with Techno gym equipment and beauty treatments available. Business travelers find its’ conference center with 18 meeting rooms useful.

The Villa Borghese Parioli is popular with travelers who search for tranquility, culture, peace, art, and museums on a trip. Couples in general like the location, which is why TripAdvisor recommends it for two-person trips.

Families will enjoy the many family-related amenities available on their visit, including suites, dry-cleaning and laundry services. There is an outdoor and an indoor pool and you can even arrange for supervised childcare or activities at reasonable prices.

7. Best for romance – Hotel Modigliani

The Hotel Modigliani is one of the luxury rating hotels in Rome with elegant bedrooms, suites and family rooms at great prices. The fresh flowers in all the rooms and the beautiful and romantic view and atmosphere are enough to warrant a booking here.

The Modigliani is one of the hotels in Rome central close to tourist sights like the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Via Veneto, and the Spanish Steps. It is close to the city making it popular with those who love the nightlife.

It’s also a shopper’s paradise with so many designer shopping options available nearby. Tripadvisor says the family-friendly hotel welcomes children and doesn’t charge an exorbitant price if they will be using existing bedding.

The hotel is also family-friendly with its large superior rooms and suites that accommodate four people. There is also a family-friendly garden apartment accommodating as many as six people.

Kids are kept entertained with the free Wi-Fi while families find the laundry faculties rather useful. There’s no need to worry about cots, cribs or infant beds because it’s included in the booking.

8. Best for a family of 4 – Villa Spalletti Trivelli Dimora d’Epoca

If you are looking for the perfect luxury rating Rome family hotel then the Villa Spalletti Trivelli Dimora d’Epoca is worth making a booking. It’s an elegant 12-room hotel housing high-class amenities like a rooftop to absorb the view and a formal piazza to enjoy your breakfast or aperitivi.

There’s also a huge spa in the basement while some large rooms can be linked if necessary to create suite rooms. The rooms are decorated in a confluence of modern and traditional styles with marble fireplaces, tapestries, and Doric columns along with a satellite LCD TV and free Wi-Fi.

This is one of the hotels in Rome in a peaceful neighborhood. It anyway is just 5 minutes walking distance from the Trevi fountain. The charming and discreet service and old fashioned charm and calm make the hotel more special.

Not only families, but you also find lots of couples vacationing in the Villa Spalletti Trivelli Dimora d’Epoca. It’s all because the hotel emits tranquility you don’t usually find in Rome.

9. Best for historic charm- The Inn at the Roman Forum

Travelers looking for some historic charm in Rome practically fall in love with the Inn at the Roman Forum. If you ask why, it’s because of the boutique hotel’s stylish suites, location, and history. Believe it or not, it sits atop a 1st century BC tunnel!

The suites and family rooms are attractively decorated with a mix of original and contemporary decor and art. The rooms are fitted with mahogany four-poster beds, fireplaces and even have their private balconies. There’ even a beautiful rooftop terrace as a bonus to relax in and enjoy the beauty.

The Colosseum and forums are at a walking distance, in addition to various other tourist sights. The combination of all these amenities and views makes the Inn perfect for travelers interested in sightseeing and food.

There is free Wi-Fi throughout the property while the rooms come equipped with a satellite flat-screen TV and iPod docking station. The hotel is particularly ideal for vacationing couples, which is why it has a high TripAdvisor rating for a two-person trip.

When it comes to family, the hotel has free cribs for your babies, and free Wi-Fi to keep teenagers entertained. There’s even a kids club with activities and games for occupying kids.

10. Best for budget – Hotel Valadier

The Hotel Valadier is a contemporary, luxury rating Rome hotel built-in 1600 with rooms available at reasonable prices. It’s located near the Spanish Steps and Villa Borghese. It houses three restaurants, a piano bar and a breathtaking rooftop piazza offering magnificent views.

There are a total of 67 rooms over 5 floors with modern comforts, perfect for a short trip. All rooms and suites are equipped with deep soaking bathtubs and LCD TVs. Guests love the variety of four hundred wine labels they get to choose and buy at the right prices.

You find the Colosseum, Via del Corso and Vatican City at walking distance. There’s a complimentary breakfast every day while residents can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine at one of its restaurants.

Lol travel mentions that the Valadier is no doubt family-friendly with its free Wi-Fi, including in public areas. There are bicycles on hire for kids to use for entertainment and even travel purposes. You also have a kids’ club teens will enjoy and babysitting services you can use during the trip.

 Dry cleaning and laundry faculties help take care of the washing of your baby’s soiled linen. There’s even free coffee and tea amenities available in common areas, and a computer station your kids will not miss!


Is Rome Family Friendly?

Yes, Rome in Italy is indeed family-friendly because there’s so much to keep both grown-ups and kids entertained. Besides, Rome also has so many family-friendly hotels with a pool that keep kids busy and happy too.

What is there to do in Rome for Children?

There is so much for any child to do when they travel to Rome.

They can:

  •  Visit the colosseum to admire its beauty and labyrinth of tunnels, passages, and chambers. This is where gladiators and animals used to await their confrontations.
  • Wear a tunic and leather gloves to impersonate a gladiator and learn to swordplay during their trip.
  •  Watch a lovely puppet show in the open-air puppet theatre near Piazzale Garibaldi or at the San Carlino theatre.
  • Travel by renting a bike, a Segway or a rowboat on the lake and explore Rome’s second-largest public park, the Borghese Garden.
  • Eat Italy’s version of ice-cream, gelato on Europe’s widest steps, the Spanish Steps.
  • Get intrigued and learn more about the hole in the Pantheon’s Roof that’s been there for 2000 years.
  • Look for huge marble feet that are as large as a small car. There are a few across Rome and are the remnants of different god and goddess’s huge statues.
  • Go on an illuminated night tour. A night tour is the best time to absorb the view of Rome’s glowing old stones and magical aura.
  • Explore the spooky tunnels of the many Catacombs of Italy.
  • Explore and learn more about the history of a church built atop a church that was built atop a house.
  • Let them throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain for luck. This is a tradition no guests to Rome miss on their trip.
  • Take the Time Elevator Rome to travel back in time to get a glimpse of Rome’s early days, and the Roman Empire’s rise and fall.

Where should a family of 4 stay in Rome?

A family of 4 should make a booking at The Villa Spalletti Trivelli on their trip here. The grand deluxe rooms make any family feel special.

What is the best area to stay in Rome?

The best area to stay in Rome, Italy depends on your preferences, and the reason to travel to Rome. You may be a foodie, like absorbing panoramic views or living somewhere close to the main attractions.

You can make a booking based on your preferences. Trastevere is however considered to be the best central location for tourists to stay in Rome according to lol travel. It’s famous for its beauty, view, nightlife, and wide aperitivo options.


This list should help make your search for the right hotels in Rome for your family trip. You can narrow down your search based on your preferences, and what you intend to do while in Rome. You may need a restaurant serving a child’s menu or a pool to keep your kids entertained.

You may otherwise prefer making a booking somewhere with a good view of the city or hotels in Rome near the Vatican City. There are so many family-friendly rating hotels that you are sure to find the right one to book one to visit this January.