What to Read: Book Reviews

Growing up I really enjoyed reading and I would even participate in the public library summer book reading programs.  However, as I was forced to read and study in school my enjoyment of reading waned.  Eventually, I got to the point that I hadn’t really read more than one or two books a year for at least 10 years.  However, when we made the decision to adjust the partnerships in my existing business and restart the company I knew I need to be prepared.

The easiest and most accessible way for me to do that was to start consuming books again. However, we only have so much time in a day to do things other than our normal duties. That’s when I discovered audible.com and the amazing selection of books on tape. I was able to not only consume a book physically but I could leverage my drive time, and time at my desk to consume even more.

Because of that I usually have 3 books I am working on at once. One I am physically reading at home, which moves slower than I would like.  I have one that requires listening without distraction that I listen to in the car and I have a third book that I listen to in the morning at my desk. This has caused me to reach the “master” level of audible. (Something I am kind of proud of lo.)

Basically that just means that I spend way too much time and money listening to their books.  However, because I am strange and kind of a throwback I like to have physical books as well.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment as well as a visual representation and reference of what I have consumed.  So, even if I listed to a book on audible I also purchase a physical copy, and those are the books you may see going on the shelf.

The reason I created this book reviews section for my enjoyment of reading but also because when I was looking for what to read, there was no encompassing resource for a professional that wants to better their career and skills. So, this is my way of giving back to those that are on their on search for knowledge and entertainment.